5 Different Types of Accommodations

An accommodation is the place where you will spend the night or nights in your journey. The decision of which type of accommodation you will choose depends on the kind of travel you are going to do.

For example, a timeshare. This will give you a right to use a property as a vacation home under an agreed time-sharing. Note about what can’t pay timeshare maintenance fees to make yourself informed.

There are many types of accommodations according to the quality, comfort, price, location, cleanness and size.

Different Types of Accommodations

The most popular types of accommodations are: bed and breakfast, backpacker hostel, hotel, appartment, resort.

1. Bed and Breakfast

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Is normally a private room with private toilet or share toilet. It always include breakfast. It is often run by the owner or a manager that lives in the place. Sometimes, the kitchen and lounge are available for the guests.

2. Backpacker Hostel

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It is often use by young people during their travel. It has rooms with two, three, four, six, eight, ten and even twelve beds, with private toilet or share toilet.

Rooms can be for man, female or mixed, and the price depend on the quality, comfort and the number of people sharing a place. Normally has a kitchen and public share areas.

3. Hotel

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It consist in a private room for two, three or four people with a private toilet. I can include or not the breakfast. The price depends on variables such us place and quality of service.

It is divided, from lowest to highest, in one star, two stars, three stars, four stars and five stars. The extreme luxury hotels, like one in Dubai, can be even a seven stars hotel, but they are rare.

4. Apartment

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It has the facilities of a house because it include a room or rooms, kitchen, living room and toilet, and is equiped to be use like a house. It can have also cleaning service and breakfast included.

5. Resort

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It is similar than a hotel and can have more facilities like a swimming pool, sports center, spa and a gim.

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  1. It’s nice that you mentioned how the decision of which type of accommodation you would choose depends on the kind of travel you are going to do. I am planning to go on a solo road trip next week and I am currently looking for good accommodation along my route. I heard there are motor inns now too, so maybe I should try staying in one.


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