4 Different Types of Beans You Can Eat

Types of Beans – There are so many types of beans it’s pretty hard to figure out which are the best for you. Rather than narrow it down, however, we would suggest you experiment with as many different types of beans as possible.

Each bean has its unique history, flavor, and health properties, so you really could benefit from incorporating more of them into your diet.

Types of Beans

What follows is a list of the kinds of beans that are the healthiest and the tastiest for your diet along with what health benefits they have and some suggestions for incorporating them into your diet.

1. Black Bean

Different Types of Beans You Can Eat

One of the most common types of beans, the black bean, really is one of the best. First, it is one of the tastiest kinds of beans and it goes well with a variety of foods. Black beans are a great source for cancer resistant anti-oxidants and fiber.

The black bean is a very versatile kind of bean, but one of the best uses you can put it to is as a simple burrito: just heat some beans, add some greens and a bit of sour cream and wrap it in a warm tortilla and you have a great, easy to make, vegetarian dish.

If you’re looking for something more exotic, you might sample Brazilian style feijoada, a type of salty bean stew with pork and sausage mixed in with black beans. In Brazil, it is often eaten by itself as a full meal. It is also excellent mixed with rice.

2. Navy Beans

Different Types of Beans You Can Eat

One of the healthiest types of beans is the navy bean. Navy beans are loaded with not only fiber and protein like black beans, but also have copper, folate, iron, manganese, magnesium, and vitamin B-1. Navy beans were once the staple of the Navy (from which they received their name).

Another great soupy bean recipe is for Navy Bean Soup. Just heat beans into a soup and then add pieces of chopped ham to add some flavor.

3. Japanese Adzuki Beans

Different Types of Beans You Can Eat

Of the lesser-known types of beans, the Japanese Adzuki beans are perhaps one of the best if you like to experiment with more exotic sorts of foods.

The small, full hued Adzuki beans are great for people who are watching their weight but looking for a food that is still high in protein. Adzuki beans are a great source for B vitamin, iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc.

It is such a tasty little bean that Japanese cooks use it in deserts. One of the great dishes with adzuki beans is with short ribs, adzuki beans and rice served together.

4. Fava Beans

Different Types of Beans You Can Eat

One of the types of beans we often overlook are fava beans. Fava beans are an excellent source for fiber, iron, and protein, as with the other beans.

Where fava beans distinguish themselves in when it comes to vitamins, fava beans have both Vitamins A and C, and contain potassium. They also have a type of dopamine that may help us improve our memories.

Fava beans are great accompaniment to a type of pasta chef’s call Orzo salad. With cooked beans and vegetables mixed in, Orzo salad is a great treat.

Regardless of which kind of beans you use, it is always a good idea to have beans in your diet. The protein in beans also make them a must if you are going to switch to a vegan diet.

One of the main things that those who switch to Veganism miss is having an adequate amount of protein in their diets. Therefore, if you decide to go Vegan, you will definitely want to check out as many different types of beans as you can.

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