5 Different Types of Beef

Although all beef comes from the cow, there are many different types of beef cuts available today. The type of cut really just depends on which part of the cow the meat came from.

Types of Beef

Some of the various types of beef cuts are more expensive, while others are a lot cheaper.

Ground Beef

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Ground beef is probably the least expensive type of beef cut. It’s perfect for hamburgers, meatloaf, and a wide variety of other recipes. The majority of ground beef is ground chuck, which is probably one of the most popular types of beef around.

Flank or Skirt Steak

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Another one of the less expensive types of beef is the flank or skirt steak. Too many chefs overlook this part of the cow because it is cheap, however, low price doesn’t mean low quality.

The flank or skirt steak can turn out to be really tough if you cook it incorrectly or overcook it. However, chefs who know how to work with this type of beef can really turn out a meal that is spectacular.


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If you’re looking for a roast or a steak, then the type of beef you’ll want is sirloin. This is one of the more marbled types of beef, which means that it does have some fat scattered through it.

However, the fat usually is not all in one big chunk. Sirloin is known for its great texture and flavor.


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Even more flavorful is the tenderloin part of the cow. This is the most expensive type of beef, and this is the part of the cow where the filet mignon comes from.

Tenderloin is very silky in its constancy, and it doesn’t usually have a lot of fat on it. It comes from one of the leanest parts of the cow.

Ribeye Steaks

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Ribeye steaks come from the rib part of the cow. Ribeyes are usually a little bit cheaper than tenderloins, and they have a much higher fat content. Ribeye steaks are also known for their marbling and flavor.

The best ribeye to look for in the grocery store is one that’s about two inches thick. Even just a little less than two inches is a good thickness for a ribeye.

This will make it very easy for you to get that well-known charred exterior while keeping the interior juicy on the grill.

Cook Steaks

If you do decide to cook steaks, it’s also important to learn the proper temperatures. Rare steaks are cooked to an inside temperature of 125 degrees.

The outside of the steak look grey or brown, while the inside of the steak is red and just slightly warm. Medium rare is cooked to an inside temperature of just five degrees higher than rare.

The inside of the steak is still red, but completely warm. Medium steaks have a red inside with pink surrounding it. The inside of the steak is also very hot.

Medium well is light pink in the middle and cooked to a temperature of 150 degrees in the middle, while well done steaks are cooked grayish brown throughout.

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