35+ Different Types of Betta Fish ( with Beautiful Pictures )

Do you have an interest in freshwater ornamental fish? What kind of ornamental fishes that you have? Well, as a ornamental freshwater fish lovers, i’m sure that you were familiar with Betta fish.

Originally from southeast Asian, Betta fish have been spread all over the worlds and have their fanatic fans worldwide.

Types of Betta Fish

These are the most Frequent Kinds of Betta fish:


Beautiful Types of Betta Fish with Amazing Pictures

Originating from Thailand, Plakat Betta fish is identic with the combating Betta and closely related to wild Betta.

The most distinguishable appearance is the short-tailed caudal fin. Some people might believe that Plakat are actually females since they have fins and tails.

Well, male Plakat usually display elongated ventral fins, a rounded caudal fin and a sharply pointed anal fin. Plakat are easy to take care, resistant to fin rot disease and will not bite their fins unlike long tails Betta.


Beautiful Types of Betta Fish with Amazing Pictures

As it’s name implies, the tail is the thing that makes this Betta unique. The most distinguishable appearance from this type is the “spiky” appearance. In standard show, crowntail Betta have to be minimum 33% reduction in webbing.

Sometimes, it could be quite full and sometimes it could be dramatically reduced, so only the rays are left. Crowntail Betta could be divided into double ray, single ray and crossed ray. The last one is the most expensive and the most desirable to buy.

Crowntail Betta are more aggressive compared to the other Betta type and it’s also difficult to take care of.

The water must always be clean since they are vulnerable to some diseases. For your information, sun bathing this Betta for an hour could help their rays straight and healthy.


Beautiful Types of Betta Fish with Amazing Pictures

As it’s name implies, this Betta have two tails caused by certain genetic trait. Double tails can be seen combined with Plakats, crowntails and halfmoons.

Related to the certain genetic trait that cause double tails, these gene also related to shorter body and broader dorsal and anal fins.

The double tails type are rare to be seen and have much higher price. These type are more prone to swimblader problem, difficult to take care of, more susceptible to fin disease and have low survival rate.


Beautiful Types of Betta Fish with Amazing Pictures

This Betta is a cross of Crowntail and another Betta type. They still gets the shape of a crowntail with some extended rays on all fins to varying degrees, but the difference between the fin rays and the webbing is not significant.


Beautiful Types of Betta Fish with Amazing Pictures

Rosetail Betta is halfmoon betta which has an extra branching in the fin rays, especially caudal fin, which allow the caudal fins to spread more than 180o.

This excessive branching gives the fin a rose-like appearance, an unique appearance.

This type could be obtained by selective breeding with certain mutation. But, this mutation in other hand, could make this Betta type more susceptible to certain diseases.


Beautiful Types of Betta Fish with Amazing Pictures

Veil tail Betta, often abbreviated as “VT” Betta, are the most common Betta type in the pet stores. This Betta has a long anal and dorsal fin but droops drown from the caudal peduncle.

Because of their excessive breeding in the pet store market, they are little underappreciated by Betta breeders and were banned to enter any Betta Contest.

Despite of it’s bad acceptance in the Betta Breeders community, i think that this Betta still looks georgeous. Their tail were like broad-leaved plant Abubias and their various colors were also stunning.


Beautiful Types of Betta Fish with Amazing Pictures

Maybe, this type is the most popular among Betta Breeder community. The most recognizable appearance is the formation of full 180 degree spread when it’s flared, forming a “D” shape with straight edging.

Yeah, as you can see from the picture, those flared fins literally looks like a perfect “halfmoon”.

Despite of this georgeous looking, this type are prone to tail-biting and fin damage. They also need an extra care since easily drained out by dragging their fins.

An incorporation of water plant will provide them a suitable place to hide and rest. And the last, this Betta are pretty much expensive in the local shop.


Judge by it’s name, you maybe think that how could Betta have an ear? Smile, just kidding . If another Betta type distinguish by it’s caudal, dorsal and anal fins, Dumbo Ear Betta most distinguishable part is in it’s pectoral fins.

An extra-large pectoral fin give a looks as the ear of elephant from front view. Sometimes, these fins can be matching to it’s body colour but sometimes contrasting. This Betta could be accompanied by halfmoon tail, rosetail or crowntail.

Due to it’s super selective breeding program, the price for this Betta also pretty much expensive. And, these Betta also need an extra care since these betta are prone to tail-bitting or fin damage and some fish diseases.


Beautiful Types of Betta Fish with Amazing Pictures

A delta tail is similiar to halfmoon fin but the tail does not reach 180 degrees when flared. Delta tails also different with Veil Tails.

If you drew a line from it’s nose to the caudal fin tips, Delta Tail would have an equal amount of fin on both the top and below whereas Veil Tail would have little tail at the top and the majority at the below.

Another distinguishable appearance from Delta tail is a triangular-shaped caudal fin.


Beautiful Types of Betta Fish with Amazing Pictures

From it’s name, you could say that Super Delta is a better version of Delta tail. The major difference is in it’s fins when they flared. Super Delta tail will reach between 120-170o, but it will never reach 180o as a halfmoon.


Beautiful Types of Betta Fish with Amazing Pictures

This Betta type are rare to be found. The most distinguishable appearance is it’s very clear spade-shaped in their caudal fin. Their caudal fin base are large, but then narrows smoothly to a single point.


Beautiful Types of Betta Fish with Amazing Pictures

The round tail be imagined to a plakat with larger round-shaped caudal fin. Some Breeder say that they were similiar with halfmoon, but there is one distinguishable appearance.

Halfmoon must posses a “D’ shaped caudal fin and in other hand, this Betta could not attain that form.


Beautiful Types of Betta Fish with Amazing Pictures

This Bettta is an extreme version of Halfmoon, having an excessive branching of the rays which giving the tail a “ruffled” looks with a huge amount of branching.

A feather tail are prone to tail bittiing due to their excessive fins and usually less active than other Betta type.


Beautiful Types of Betta Fish with Amazing Pictures

As implied by it’s name, the Giant Betta have a giant body compared to normal Betta. When normal Betta only grow up to 5 cm, Giant Betta may exceed 15 cm in body size. This could be attain by certain gene manipulation by selective breeding.

This Betta was fisrst developed in 1999 in Thailand. This type have expected live span up to 5 years. Despite their giant body, this Betta are prone to bacterial diseases and parasitic infection. If

You have this Betta type, a good water quality management is a must! Right now, there are several type of Giant Betta such as halfmoon, crowntail, delta tail e.t.c as we mentioned above with a giant size compared to normal Betta.


Have been breeding for decades, now there are plenty kinds of Betta you can found in the petshops. By using selective breeding methods, you could see many different Beeta type in the world. The major Betta classification are based on their fins, body size and colors.

In the previous article, we have describe Betta classification based on thir fins and their body. And no, we will present to you Betta classification by their colors. Enjoy reading it while having your good time.

Solid Colours – This classification is based on their single color from the tip of the head until the tail. Here several different Betta colors that you may found.

#Red Betta Fish

red Betta Fish

The solid red color is covering all Betta body from it’s head until it’s caudal fin. This Betta type is identic with brave soldiers, am i right?

#Blue Betta Fish

blue betta fish

Implied by it’s name, blue color are the dominant color from it’s body. But, sometimes their heads have darker shade blue color than it’s body.

#Green Betta Fish

Green Betta Fish

Indeed, single green or torquise Betta color are very rare. And, you must earn much money before you buy this type.

#Wild-Type Betta Fish

Wild-Type Betta Fish

Wild Betta type usually have iridescent body colors. The common colors are blue, green, turqoise and red. Wild Betta type are very similiar to plakat with rounded caudal fin.

#Orange Betta Fish

Orange Betta Fish

Orange color are very rare in Betta. Untrained eye will see this color as a red, but using certain lightning, the orange color will be visible.

#Yellow Betta Fish

yellow Betta Fish

The yellow color were encoded by recessive genes. This color will be visible/dominant in Betta which have red-loss gene. This gene will be inherited by the fry and it will create iridescent green or blue in the body.

#Cellophane Betta Fish 

Cellophane Betta Fish 

This Betta fins basically do not have any color and will much visible as a transparant

#White Opaque Betta Fish 

White Opaque Betta Fish

Encoded by recessive gene, this betta are very rare. Most opaques Betta will likely to have impurities such as outlining.

#Copper Betta Fish 

Copper Betta Fish 

There are various colors combination in this betta type such as deep copper, light gold, and red copper. Their color will appear more contrast by using certain lightning or sometimes just by exposing to the sunlight.

#Black Betta Fish

Black Betta Fish

You may find several different type of Black Betta in the petshops including black melano, black orchid, black devil, black ice, and copper based black.

The black color is encoded by recessive genes and normally covered by dominant colors such as red and blue. This betta are rare and only could be obtained by selective genetic breeding.

#Bi Colours Betta Fish

Bi Colours Betta Fish

This type have different color between their body and their fins.

#Chocolate Betta Fish

Chocolate Betta Fish

This Betta type typically has chocolate or dark brown color but sometimes their fins have light brown or maybe different color including orange, yellow or golden.

#Marble Betta Fish

Marble Betta Fish

Having splashy spotted color in their body and fins, this Betta are among the most beautifull Betta in the world.

One thing that you should know before you decide to buy, this beautifull marble pattern and morphology are very instable and always change in entire Betta life. But, it’s has a tendency to slow down as they mature.

#Grizzle Betta Fish

Grizzle Betta Fish

The grizzle betta have either a opaque or pastel body with random flecks and spots of iridescent colors and the fins do have too. Their body and their fins should have two different iridescent colors.

Betta hobyist have different opinion about how to judge this betta beautifullness. But overall, 50% iridescence and 50% opaque or pastel body are preferred.

#Pineapple Betta Fish

Pineapple Betta Fish

When Betta have distinct blac outline on it’s scale, then it’s called “pineapple” Betta. This classification is based on their pattern form, not their colors.

#Dragon Betta Fish

Dragon Betta Fish

Dragon Betta become more popular right now. The most distinguishable appearance is their scales looks like a lizard or dragon. They usually have strong and bright base with scales highlighted in a pale iridescent colour.

#Orange Dalmatian Betta Fish

Orange Dalmatian Betta Fish

Also known as a Apricot Spots, their orange body have darker orange spot in different size.

#Mustard Gas Betta Fish

Mustard Gas Betta Fish

This lovely Betta have blue or green body and their fins consist of orange and yellow colors.

#Multi Colour Betta Fish

Multicolour Betta Fish

Also know as “Mutts”, multi colour Betta are consist of minimal three different colors with uncertain patterns.

#Mask Betta Fish

Beautiful Types of Betta Fish with Amazing Pictures

While almost Betta have darker face color than their body and fins, Mask Betta have same face colour as their body.

#Piebald Betta Fish

Beautiful Types of Betta Fish with Amazing Pictures

The most distinguishable appearance of this Betta type are their fleshy colour on it’s head. They may have certain pattern or solid color in their body or fins.

#Butterfly Betta Fish

Beautiful Types of Betta Fish with Amazing Pictures

This Betta fins are consist of two symmetrical color combination with solid color on their body.

#Turquoise betta Fish

Beautiful Types of Betta Fish with Amazing Pictures

The turqoise is an intermediary colors between green and blue. In the Betta contest, greener looking are more prefered than bluer looking.

#Cambodian Betta Fish

Beautiful Types of Betta Fish with Amazing Pictures

Cambodian Betta have pale fleshy color on it’s body and three different shades on their fins include red, blue and green.

Yeah, it’s the end of this article. I think i have explain many Betta type for you. Hope that’s willl be usefull for you.

17 thoughts on “35+ Different Types of Betta Fish ( with Beautiful Pictures )”

  1. It can be addicting to have different types and colors of bettas. I have two, one I bought is an orange crown tail, the other I took in and it the veil tail betta. I really wasn’t fond of the crown tail, but liked the color. I named him Popsicle as in an orange popsicle. I have terrible luck with bettas but I didn’t know how to care for them. I wish I had some of my past bettas because some of them were quite friendly.


  2. My red veil tail betta was awesome. So small when I bought him he grew a little bigger in the first 3 months.
    Sadly when I came home 1 days last month – I spent the night at my daughters – when I got home the next day he was dead and I couldn’t figure out what happened. I had a few of them over the years and usually get sick before they died. This 1 just went like nothing. I was so upset. I haven’t got a new 1 yet.

  3. Bettas are easy to maintain if you clean their bowl every couple of days and use distilled water. Make sure they have a plant in which to rest on.

    • Distilled water is strictly no no for any fish whatsoever at all. Distilled water is just water stripped off the minerals that they gets naturally in nature. Filtered tap water is best for any fresh water fish.

  4. So my reddish orangeish betta (luner) was supposed to be a halfmoon betta.(at least that’s what the pet shop people said) but i am starting to second guess that. Because the edge of his fins are all ruffled. And i am thinking that he is more of a super delta or rose tailed betta. I want to know what you guys think. Is it a simple case of fin root or is the pet shop people wrong and he is not a half moon betta.

  5. yo no tengo mucha suerte con los peses, ya que cuando compro uno se me muere el que tenia anterirmente. en estos momentos tengo un doble cola y un albino cola roja. ustedes que saben más me porian dar algunos consejos?

  6. I’m in love with my turquoise Super Delta. It’s not a spoiled brat, he eats everything from pellets to live bloodworm. I’ve also plants in his home and he sometimes eats those plans too. I think he recognizes me but not sure. Only thing that makes him angry is when I change water ……he sometimes bangs his head on my hand, sometimes attacks my hand and other times he hides behind the larger pebbles with head out, check what I’m doing with his home. He is just so adorable.

  7. I am a Betta lover and my passion for them is highly favor…I love their Colors Designs and Patterns….Im in the Breeding Experience and trying to grasp much Information as i can regarding them….If any one would love to share some of their skills let me know… Im also a Arowanna and a Flowerhorn lover

  8. I just got my first betta fish he is a red crown tail he loves his new tank a friend gave me a 2.5 gallon tank. I put a snail in with him I brought them together at the pet store at the same time that why they get to know each other they enjoy being together.

  9. There are no words for the gifts that i have just seen that God and send the joy for us to be able to share in with such lovely and breath taking special gifts as the ones I just witnessed from your photos and wonderful knowledge about these many Bettas. Thank you so very much.

  10. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You helped me ID my Betta. I have had a Giant and a Veil tail in the past. Today, I found out I have a Roundtail, or Fantail. Thank you again!!


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