4 Different Types of Breakfast

The breakfast is the first meal of the day and is consumed as soon as we wake up. It is consider one of the most important meal of the day because it will provide us with the energy that we need to start the new day.

Most of the doctors recommend a powerful and complete breakfast, a moderate lunch and a small dinner, based on the energy that we need during the day.

Nowadays, due to the life’s rush, some people skip this important meal so they can be at work on time, and this routine is considered very harmful for the body.

Types of Breakfast

There are different types of breakfast with very different ingredients and they are linked with a region. The most common types of breakfast are: American breakfast, Continental breakfast, Asian breakfast and English breakfast.

American breakfast

Different Types of Breakfast

This kind of breakfast is consider a powerful breakfast and it always include meat or bacon, fried or boiled eggs and toast, and also can include milk, yogurt, cereal and some fruits. Is a very common breakfast in the United States.

Continental breakfast

Different Types of Breakfast

It normally includes toast with jam and butter, orange or fruit juices, tea or coffe with or without milk and some fruits. Is a light breakfast in compare with the powerful American Breakfast. Kids prefer chocolate milk and muffins. It is a classic breakfast around Europe and in some parts of South America.

Asian breakfast

Different Types of Breakfast

It normally has rice and seafood, so is almost like any food of the day. It can include soup and vegetables. It is a hot dish. It is often acompanied with tea (can be green tea, depend on the region) or ice tea or coffe, in the very hot areas of Asia

English breakfast

Different Types of Breakfast

It is very similar than the American breakfast, less oily or fried, but very complete and powerful at the same time.

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