3 Different Types of Cameras

It is time to display the types of digital cameras available in the market and their features.

Everybody, in current days agree we can find three big group of cameras, Compact cameras, bridge cameras and reflex cameras. We think you will find the most suitable type of camera for you.

1. Compact Cameras or Pocket Cameras

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This kind of products are the lowest quality camera in the market, but anyway very light, portable and handy for a daily use (you can take them everywhere).

It is very common to find LCD display for a better framing at the shooting moment.This group of cameras has been designed for beginners because it allows shooting on automatic or semi-automatic offering a modest zoom.

2. Bridge Cameras

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The medium point between a compact and a reflex. The price is just a bit more expensive if you compare it with compacts cameras.

The quality offered is better and in some cases is possible to shoot in JPG and RAW creating very good material for editing in photoshop. Zoom goes a bit far in some editions , but usually it drops in quality and resolution.

Do not get confused with this cameras, sometimes they look big but is not possible to put on an exchangeable lens. Also is common to find settings like beach,snow, sports, low key and high key..

3. Camera Reflex

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The most professional product in the market, in general terms. Without doubt, DSLR is the best option for advanced photographers.

The quality of the optics is high and you can test it by shooting at f8. Other feature is the LCD display, which is used to check the picture after shooting instead of using it to shoot.

In this cameras you can shoot manually and get perfectly the shoot you want to make. The rest is up to you.

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