5 Different Types of Climates

The climate is the statistics of a type of weather, permanent in over 30 years or more. Is the tipical weather of a region and it is measured taking into account some variables such us humidity, wind, temperature, rainfall, cloudiness, barometic pressure and other metereological phenomena.

Unlike the weather, that is the atmospheric conditions in an specific day in a particular place, the climate involves the meteorological atmospheric phenomena ocurred in the long term in a particular region.

The climate is normally steady, the same characteristisc in a specific place, but some climate changes may occur in long and short periods of time due to different factors.

Nowadays, the climate change is a very common subjet among cientifics and the media, there is a belief that we are living a global warming due to some human activities that are destroying the enviroment such us deforestation, excessive fishing, mining, pollution, urbanization, among others.

Types of Climates

The most popular different types of climates that we can find are: tropical, temperate, dry, cold and polar. Also there is a more specific clasificarion that include other climates present in the first classification: tundra, steppe, subartic climate, polar ice, descert, mediterranean climate, savanna, subtropical, continental, rain forest, monsoon, oceanic climate and so on.

Tropical climate

Different types of climate

Is it characterized by constant high temperatures all year around. They have temperatures of 19°C and higher.

Temperate climate

Different types of climate

This climates is characterized by an average temperature above 11 °C in the hottest months (around April to September in northen hemisphere, October till March in the shouthen hemisphere), and an average temperature above −4 °C in the coldest months.

Dry climate

Different types of climate

Is is characterized by lower rains and dry floors. The desert is an example of this type of climate

Cold climate

Different types of climate

Is characterized by average temperatures between 7 and -15 °C all year round.

Polar climate

Different types of climate

This climate is characterized by average temperatures below -11 °C all year round.

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