4 Different Types of Clothing

The clothes or clothing are all the things that humans wear daily in order to protect their body in different climatic conditions and respect cultural mandates.

At the begginig of the human race, the man designed the clothes to protect himself from the hostile climates where he was living, because the humans has no protective skin like the wild animals.

Through history, clothing has depended on the place where the comunity was living, in cold weather, warm clothes, in hot weather, confortable and fresh clothes.

Also, clothing has depended on the possibilities and the resource around the comunity, and the commercial exchanges with others communities.

With the changes in the societies, clothing began to be a social class’s symbol, where the higher class wore sophisticated and expecive clothing, and the lower class, whatever they could find to wear.

Nowadays, although the clothing can be classified as globalized, many cultures and regions of the world still has its own and particular way of dressing.

Different Types of Clothing

There are different types of clothing, the most popular are casual clothing, formal clothing, sport clothing and label clothing.

1. Casual Clothing

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The casual or informal clothing is the clothes that is wear everyday, regardless of the social class, and has to be a comfortable clothes. Nowadays, casual clothing is becoming more common.

2. Formal Clothing

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It is used in formal activities such us important meetings, fancy dinner, a wedding party and special occasions. It is often used in work situations where the profession required some formality. Lawyers, business man, managers often wear formal clothing.

3. Sport Clothing

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This is the type of clothing that is designed with the purpose of been used in sport and fisical activities like tennis, soccer, gym, etc.

4. Label Clothing

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This type of clothing is related with the formal clothing, but it is used in high-level social events and is quite expensive.

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