4 Different Types of College Degrees

There are so many different types of college degrees that it can be difficult to figure out which career path you want to follow.

This is even more difficult for college freshmen, who are often still trying to find their place in the world.

One of the most important things you can do to help yourself out in this process is to learn all about the different types of college degrees that are available.

Different Types of College Degrees

If you didn’t like school and just want to dive right into work, then you might consider getting a Certificate of Completion.

It can take eight weeks to a year to finish a certificate, and you’ll have something which shows you can do the job you want to do.

Criminal justice is one field that allows you to dive right in after you have a Certificate of Completion.

Associate’s Degree

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The next step in all the different types of college degrees is the Associate’s Degree. This degree program takes two years to complete, which is equivalent to about 60 credit hours.

There are many different professional careers that only require an Associate’s Degree, including a few in the medical field.

You’ll be surprised how many doors just a two-year Associate’s Degree can open up for you.

Associates degrees are especially perfect for those planning to work in a technical or vocational field, and they can allow you to start working while still giving you credit toward a Bachelor’s Degree if you decide to go back for more schooling.

Bachelor’s Degree

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The degree most people think of when they think about college is the Bachelor’s Degree. It takes four years to complete this degree, or about 120 credit hours.

Even more doors will be opened to you if you complete a Bachelor’s Degree. You can get a Bachelor’s Degree in just about any field you can think of.

Bachelor’s Degrees are also known as undergraduate degrees, and they require additional study outside the field the student is specializing in.

These additional classes are known as general education courses.

Master’s Degree

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The Master’s Degree is perfect for the student who wants just a little bit more study in their area of expertise.

Usually getting a Master’s Degree requires about two more years of study beyond the Bachelor’s Degree.

You’ll have to earn a Bachelor’s Degree before you can start studying to get your Master’s Degree.

Earning a Master’s Degree also requires students to write a thesis and sometimes even show work experience in that particular field.

Upon completion of a Master’s Degree, students are generally expected to take the GRE, or Graduate Record Exam.

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Doctoral Degree

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The highest level on the list of different types of college degrees is the Doctoral Degree. This type of degree takes about three to five more years of study.

To earn a Doctoral Degree, students have to write a thesis that can be published and do lots of research on their own.

Some students earn their Doctoral Degree just as an advanced degree in their particular area of expertise.

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