3 Different Types of Companies

A company is an organization or institution that use different productive resources, like money capital, immovables and human force to achieve their own profits. A company offers services or goods in a specific market with the purpose of obtain a benefit, often a economic one.

Every company is composed of human,technical and material elements that allow the achivement of goals and objectives. We can find different size of companies, depending on the size of the business.

There are large companies like Coca Cola, that handle a huge amount of people, resource and money, meddium companies, like local brands of products, and small companies, that can be handle by a person in his own house.

Types of Companies

Companies can be classified in various ways, depending on the criteria chosen, in this case we will choose the size of the company. The more popular different types of companies in this case are: small companies, medium companies and large companies.

Small companies

Different Types of Companies

In this type of company, the number of people involved is often low. They dont have a large amount of resource and capital, but they find their way to survive and compete with others.

It can be also handle by only one person, who is in charge of all the tasks like finance, sales, production and administration.

Medium companies

Different Types of Companies

In this type of company the number of people involve is significantly higher than the small company, it has to be at least a hundred of people. They have more resource and it is divided in areas and sections with different tasks.

Large companies

Different Types of Companies

This type of company has a huge human capital, because is normally composed by thousands of workers. They have massive sales and millions in profits, a very large amount of capitals and money. These companies have large facilities, sophisticated operation systems and advanced management.

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