4 Different Types of Consumers

A consumer is an individual or an entity that demand a service or a product. This service or product is offered in the market and it is thought that it will satisfy a desire or a need.

In order to be a consumer and acquire that product or service, a financial transaction has to be done.

The seller will be in charge to set a price for the product or service in question, and that price has to be competitive, acording to the market rules.

Different Types of Consumers

There are different types of consumers and different clasifications. The more popular are: hunters, conformist consumers, ostentatious consumers and fanatic consumers.

1. Hunters

Different Types of Consumers

This type of consumers are the people who is chasing their target carefully, and pretend to obtain a profit when buying. This consumer performs some risky actions in order to obtain the pursued economic benefit.

2. Conformist Consumers

Different Types of Consumers

This type of consumers only buy products or services that are essential for them, in order to meet their basic needs. This consumer won’t try an unneccesary or expencive purchase, and is not looking for luxury products or services.

3. Ostentatious Consumers

Different Types of Consumers

This type of consumers have no problem in spend huge amount of money buying products or services, they are looking for luxury, willing to pay whatever is necesary in order to get what they think they want or need.

Most of their purchases are unnecesary, unwise and impulsive. For this type of consumers, the accion o consume is a pleasant action. They want to belong to a certain social status, and do whatever is necesary to be part of that class.

4. Fanatic Consumers

Different Types of Consumers

They are the most extreme form of the loyal consumer, they only want an specific brand and they becomes dependent . For they, there is no substitute of the chosen brand under any circumstances.

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