4 Different Types of Dogs

The dogs are defined like domestic mamals and are well known as canines. The breeds are used to identify dog and allow to organized them according to characteristic such as pelage, size, colour.

There are many races of dogs all over the world. Some breeds are very valuable for different reason like prestige, strength, baby care, and so on.

Types of Dogs

Some types of dog according to their breeds are:


Different Types of Dogs

This breeds is original from Germany, and is a medium size animal, around fifty five and seventy centimeters. The normal weight is about twenty five and thirty kilos.

They have short and brown pelage, sometimes with spots around their body. It is normal that, when they are babies, the tail and the ears are cut.

The boxer is normally used like a custody dog due to the strength and character, and also can be used as a company dog.

Fox terrier

Different Types of Dogs

Those nice and friendly dogs are originally from England, around the XIX century. At the beginning they were hunting dogs due to their great hability to smell.

They can be very close to their owner and very good with kids. Sometimes they can be very stubborn.


Different Types of Dogs

This types of dogs is originally from England, and date around the XVIII century. They are very small dogs, not tall at all, but very robust and they are about thirty and forty centimiters high.

They are fiendly dogs, very good with kids and nice to have at home. Sometimes they dont like unkonwn people so they can react in a bad way.


Different Types of Dogs

This breeds of dogs is originally from England around the XV century. They are very good hunting dogs but at the same time they can be excellent as a company dog.

They are small, around fifteen kilos. The is colour is black, white and brown.

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