11 Types of Doors to Consider for Your House

When building a home, the functional yet aesthetic element is the door.

There are many types of door that you can choose.

It gives both decorative and also functional ambience to your home.

Types of door

Here are the types of door as your consideration.

1. Panel Door

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Panel is the most common type that is usually used for door and windows. If you choose panel as your door, it will give a stylish look and versatility.

This will give a pleasant look for you and your guests. This door can also be combined with other materials like metal or steel, or even wood.

2. Metal Door

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Metal or another steel material is the popular one for the construction building such years and years.

This door will look strong and also hollow at the same time.

They are durable enough and also only needs a little maintenance.

3. PVC Door

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PVC or Poly Vinyl Chloride is the most frequently used material for any homes stuff.

By choosing PVC as your door, you can get benefit such as it is termite evidence, lightweight, resilient, water resistant, and also anti destructive.

4. Flush Door

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If your home is in a residence, the use of flush door is really suitable.

This type of doors is really smooth and it is relatively light.

The hollow inside this door can be filled with some cardboard product.

5. Battened Ledged Door

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These doors type will be the most basic types. The use of this door will give an aged look.

This door is framed and braced in order to give a rigid look yet beautiful.

This such door is usually used for the baths and toilets door.

6. Bamboo Door

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Using bamboo as your door doesn’t mean ugly or so traditional.

You can create a stunning and elegant look by combining bamboo with wooden framing.

This type of door is proven to be eco friendly, rust resistant, biodegradable, and termite resistant.

7. Glass Door

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Glass is also the common material for doors and windows.

However, the use of glass for door is just effective for the back door.

The front door is also stunning with this glass door but it doesn’t fit.

8. Aluminum Door

Image Source: marspr.info

Aluminum for door will give an industrial and modern look. Such kind of aluminum will remain heavy for the door.

The use of aluminum is also last longer than another door because it doesn’t impacted by any termites.

9. Timber Door

Image Source: woodstyledeco.com

Timber or wooden is the most common door type that can be suitable for any home interior design.

You can find it easily because many carpenters do the door making from wood and also you can request the shape and design.

10. Fiberglass Door

Image Source: exclusivefloraldesigns.com

Glass fiber can also be used as the door material. This material can also be used as the bathtub windows and door.

This material is the solid material for door and it will give a stunning appearance.

It can also be used for both inside door or outside door. There are many designs that can be chosen by using fiberglass as doors.

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