11 Types of Eagles in The World With Awesome Pictures

If you are thinking about eagle what kind of animal is that? Scary? Meat Eater? Or you cannot answer because you have not seen them with your eyes?

Types of Eagles

Well, this large bird actually has lots of species so what are they? To find out more, you should see a list of top 11 famous types of eagles in the world!

1. Bonnelli’s Eagle

Types of Eagles: Bonnelli's Eagle

Bonneli eagle is the type of eagle in the family of Accipitridae. The scientific name of this bird is called Aquila fasciata.

The features of this eagle are the brown feathers mostly in their body, wide wings, long tail, and long legs.

They mostly eat various kind of birds such as duck, gulls, and pigeons. Their weight is around more than 1 kilograms.

You may see this eagle in southern Asia like Indonesia but you may also see them in Spain and the Sahara. The population of this birds is decreasing.

2. Golden Eagle

Types of Eagles: Golden Eagle

Golden eagle or Aquila chrysaetos as the scientific name is the eagle that you can found around North America, Japan, Africa, and Korea however this eagle is actually really famous in the Nothern Hemisphere.

The features of this eagle are the dark brown feathers, 2 meters wings, and greyish tail. They can reach 7 kilograms.

This eagle prefers to live around trees and cliff. If you are interested to see them, you may found them flying in the sky around winter to early spring.

This carnivore eagle consumes hares, rabbits, squirrel, and mammoths.

3. Bald Eagle

Types of Eagles: Bald Eagle

This bald eagle or Haliaeetus leucocephalus is natively found in North America. Just like the name, they have a different colour in the head, which is white.

Their body’s feathers are mostly dark brown with yellow legs and beak. Bald eagle’s wing is around 2 meters, wow!

This eagle prefers to live near water, that is why you may know the name as sea eagle.

This eagle prey on fish most likely. They can live up to 20 years. They usually migrate to the freezing water. This eagle is not endangered, however, their population is increasing.

4. Martial Eagle

Types of Eagles: Martial Eagle

Polemaetus bellicosus is the scientific name of this eagle. Martial eagle is the most popular eagle in Africa, you may see them around south of Sahara.

The size of this eagle is about 1 meter of their wingspan and their weight is around 6 kilograms.

Just like the others, the martial eagle has dark brown colour with slight white feathers, their belly, beak, and legs are white. The females can lay 2 eggs in a month.

They hunt rabbits, hares, and squirrels. This eagle can eat large animals as well such as monkey, jackal, goat, and lamb.

Did you know that Martial Eagle can break the man’s hand with one foot? Wow!

5. The White Tailed Eagle

Types of Eagles: The White Tailed Eagle

White-tailed eagle or Haliaeetus albicilla as their scientific name is the largest eagle in the world. This eagle is the number four of them all! The weight of this eagle is around 5 kilograms.

They have brown feathers and yellow beak and legs, just like the name they have a tail that is white.

The females lay 3 eggs every 30 days, the babies are most likely stay with their parents until they are mature enough.

They prey on fish, rabbits, and hares. You may see this eagle in Scotland all year round.

6. African Fish Eagle

Types of Eagles: African Fish Eagle

Haliaeetus vocifer is the scientific name of African fish eagle, they also known as “the voice of Africa” name. Just like its name they prey on fish, ducks, and crocodile most of the times.

This eagle lives around sub-Saharan Africa, particularly in the Rift Valley Lakes.

The colour of their feathers are black, brown, and white head with yellow beak and legs, they kind of look like a bald eagle.

This eagle spends so much time perching than killing.

7. Crested Serpent Eagle

Types of Eagles: Crested Serpent Eagle

The scientific name of this eagle is Spilornis cheela, they live in the forest of tropical Asia. They have brown feather with the white stripe on their wing, also yellow eyes, yellow beak and yellow legs.

The mass of this eagle is about 1 kilogram and have around 70 centimetres length of the wingspan.

They prefer to live in the grassland that is wet because they like to hunt lizards and snakes.

8. The Black Chested Buzzard Eagle

Types of Eagles: The Black Chested Buzzard Eagle

The Black Chested Buzzard Eagle or known as Geranoaetus melanoleucus is the eagle that lives around South America.

They have very sharp sight and black chested. This eagle is very good at hunting and guards their area. Squamate and owl are their favourite prey.

9. Steller’s Sea Eagle

Types of Eagles: Steller's Sea Eagle

Haliaeetus pelagicus is the scientific name of this eagle. This eagle is popular because they are the largest sea eagle in the world.

The size of this eagle can reach 9 kilograms of their weight and 90 centimetres of the length. Their habitat can be seen around China, North and South Korea.

They have black bodies and white accent on their wings and legs, the beak and their talons are bright yellows.

Did you know that they are actually more dangerous than the white-tailed eagle? They have a really great ability to rip flesh with their strong beak.

10. Crested Hawk Eagle

Types of Eagles: Crested Hawk Eagle.

This bird is also called Nisaetus cirrhatus is the bird that lives in the forest of Southeast Asia. They prey on bunnies, fish, and rats.

Their wings are brown with white accent and they have a white chest and sharp looking eyes. The females crested hawk eagle is much bigger than the males.

11. Bateleur Eagle

Types of Eagles: Bateleur Eagle

Bateleur eagle or Terathopius ecaudatus is the eagle that has the dark look of their body because mostly covered with black also they have red beak and legs.

This eagle mostly preys on tiny animals and pigeons. Did you know that this eagle can change their colours based on their mood?

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  1. Golden eagles live in uk. Goldie was a resident at reagents park zoo and was famous for escaping her enclosure on a regular basis.


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