7 Different Types of Frogs

Different Types of Frogs – There are over 5,000 types of frogs world wide that are placed in 25 families.

They are generally characterized by having long hind legs, short bodies, webbed fingers and toes and protruding eyes.

Types of Frogs

Their legs are powerful and they are excellent jumpers. Frogs have permeable skin that allows them to be semi-aquatic but remain quick on land.

1. American Bullfrog

Different Type of frog

These are aquatic frogs, native to North America. They are usually found around permanent bodies of water such as ponds or swamps and they live much longer in warmer weather.

American Bullfrogs grow up to six inches in length and they will prey on just about any animal they can fit down their throats including turtles, snakes, rodents, birds, bats and other frogs.

2. Gray Tree Frog

Different Type of frog

These types of frogs have the ability to change themselves from green to gray depending on their surroundings. They are relatively small with a maximum size of about two inches.

This species has a very lumpy texture that make them have a warty appearance. They are usually found in trees and are most easily spotted in the spring as they come out singing for a mate.

3. American Green Tree Frog

Different Type of frog

These are very popular pet frogs but in the wild they are found near lakes, cattail marshes, farm ponds or bald cypress swamps.

They are popular backyard frogs, often seen by porch lights preying on insects or found resting on plants during the day.

These are a medium-sized species with green bodies, varying from olive to a very bright green depending on temperature or lighting.

4. Northern Leopard Frog

Different Type of frog

This species varies from brown to green with circular spots on their back. These types of frogs have a very large range of habitats including ponds, marshes, swamps and slow streams that run through forests and urban areas.

They enjoy bodies of water that have an abundance of vegetation but they can also adapt well to colder weather. Northern Leopard frogs feed on ants, flies, beetles, worms, birds, garter snakes and other frogs.

5. Boreal Chorus Frog

Different Type of frog

These are small frogs that are native to North America. They are usually brown however, the dorsal can be green and they have enlarged toe discs that help them climb vegetation and small grass.

This species is found around bodies of water in forests or cleared lands. Unlike a lot of other amphibians, they have a soft croak rather than a loud one and they are usually one of the first amphibians to appear in the spring.

6. Northern Cricket Frog

Different Type of frog

The Northern Cricket frog is one of the smallest types of frogs in North America. Their dorsal coloration varies from grays, browns and greens with a dark banding found on their legs as well as a white line running from their eyes to their foreleg.

They are fairly active most of the year with the exception of the mid-winter season in Northern areas. This species feeds on mosquitoes and insects and they are able to leap six feed in one jump and are phenomenal swimmers.

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7. Western Chorus Frog

Different Type of frog

This is a small species, usually under 1.5 inches with smooth skin in shades of greenish-gray, olive, red or brown with 3 stripes extending down on the entire dorsal side.

These frogs have toes that are small and round without pads and only a bit of webbing. They live in freshwater areas like marshes, grassy pools and river swamps in mountains or prairies.

This species is rarely ever seen because they are secretive and nocturnal but they can be found from time to time on warm nights when they surface to call for a mate.

Their diet consists of arthropods and small invertebrates such as flies, ants, mosquitoes, beetles, caterpillars, spiders and grasshoppers.

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