3 Different Types of Governments

A goverment is the system or the way that a country or state use to organize and control an specific territory and population. A goverment is the way that the power is distributed and define the actors that would be involved in this system.

The goverments have the power to control society, economic, and have the capability of decide the future by making desitions that affect the population.

There are different types of governments and it can be always the same or change, depending on the historic and economical situation of a country.

Types of Governments

The three more popular types of governments are monarchy, autocracy and democracy.


Different Types of Governments

In this type of government, the king, prince or emperor has the power to lead and decide among the country and population. There are two types of monarchy, constitutional and absolute. In the absolute monarchy, the leader (emperor or king) has the total power.

In the constitutional monarchy, the power is distributed between the king or emperor, and other players involved. An example of absolute monarchy is Saudi Arabia. An example of constitutional monarchy is England.


Different Types of Governments

Autocracy is the type of government where the power was taken by a political group or group of people, using or not violence. The extreme cases of this type of government were the Nazis in Germany, leading by Hitler, and the fascist government in Italia with Moussolini.


Different Types of Governments

Democracy is the type of goverment where the society choose their representative, the people has the power to choose they governors so they can make desicion representing the people’s interest. Is the most representative type of government that include all the social actors.

There are periodic elections that are universal, giving the freedom to choose according to the people’s preference. Some of the examples today are: United States, Brasil, France, among many others.

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