Top 12 Different Types of Guinea Pig Breeds

Types of guinea Pig Breeds – Guinea pigs also called cavies make a few of the pets and you can not help but love them. These amusing and talkative little creatures have been kids pets for a very long time, they are always a lot of fun although they have been a constant source of entertainment, sometimes they are excellent escape artists.

There are a lot of breeds of those small, active animals some of which can be considered fairly infrequent and others popular.

1. The Texel Guinea Pig

Different Types of Guinea Pig Breeds

Guinea pigs are little critters that are astoundingly adorable and they boast a coat that is long that is gorgeous. The strain was only officially recognized in 1998 and originates from the united kingdom. Texels are a popular showing breed but they also make great pets too provided that you have enough opportunity to groom their lovely long coats that is.

Their coats will need to be hand combed to keep them in good shape and the slick ringlets looking like they should. Character wise relaxed small characters which are incredibly endearing that’s why they are one of the most popular breeds.

2. The Abyssinian Guinea Pig

Types of Guinea Pig Breeds

The Abyssinian cavy is one of the strains in the world with its delightful coat that’s made up of rosettes that are furry whirls in the coat.

Abyssinians have these whirls called rosettes on each of their shoulders and across their backs as well as rosettes on each hip and across their rumps giving them a appeal. The breed does require a good deal of grooming to keep their coats and their coats come in a lot of different colors but the boast involving eight to ten rosettes.

3. The Werewolf Skinny Pig

Types of Guinea Pig Breeds

Skinny Pigs are great looking creatures and more than years have gained a great deal of popularity. One of the varieties is called a Werewolf Skinny that includes a fur which grows throughout their bodies they shed this fur and the only place it doesn’t grow is to the cavies stomachs.

4. The Teddy Guinea Pig

Types of Guinea Pig Breeds

This guinea pig has a truly lovely coat. It’s frizzy, compact and doesn’t require much grooming that makes them not just gorgeous to check at but effortless upkeep also.

There are two breeds of Teddy guinea pigs and they both have their own DNA. In regards to character, Teddies are affectionate little critters with beautiful, type personalities that explains the reason why they are popular family pets.

5. White Crested Guinea Pig

Types of Guinea Pig Breeds

White Crested guinea pigs are in the top five when it comes to fame which is surprising because they’re such cute looking characters although they may be rather shy.

Fans of the breed know how important it is to put a lot of hiding places within their pet’s surroundings due to their shyness. When they get to trust you, they do enjoy a lot of cuddling. The 1 thing they dislike is noise especially if loudly but then most cavies do not like too much loud noise!

6. The Satin Guinea Pig

Types of Guinea Pig Breeds

The Satin boasts with the hair of all strains of guinea pigs. The hair is long, silky and incredibly lush. All Peruvian cavies have just two rosettes on their rumps. These cute were first discovered in the late 1800s and very active little critters.

Peruvian’s do not make good time guinea pigs since they need lots of care and attention when it comes to grooming. Their coats are dense and very soft with a parting in the middle of their backs which gives that appeal that is adorable to them.

7. The Rex Guinea Pig

Different Types of Guinea Pig Breeds

The Rex guinea pig is another shorthaired rodent with hair longer than 1 cm. Most mammals have three distinct kinds of hairs, such as guard hairs.

That type of hair is used to protect the remainder of the coat from any and too much moisture. On the other hand,the Rex doesn’t have guard hairs, which makes its fur quite wool-like.

Their features are long droopy ears using a dense, rough coat. Rex guinea pigs are great for children because of they are more easy to take care of than most other strains. The lack of guard hairs give the fur of it a exceptional feel that kids seem to love.

8. The Himalayan Guinea Pig

Different Types of Guinea Pig Breeds

The Himalayan guinea pig is really a remarkable breed and is called the siamese cats of guinea pigs. If you can get your hands on one, I would strongly recommend it. Despite their looks, they aren’t as uncommon as you’d expect.

Not only are they considered albino, but they are proven to have color (usually black) on their noises, feets and ears (called “points”). I would recommend this breed if you stay in a place without sunlight and heat.

The things will actually start to vanish if it is exposed to a lot fo sunlight. Apart from those factors, these are relatively easy guinea pigs to raise because of their short fur coat.

9. The American Satin

Different Types of Guinea Pig Breeds

If you’re considering getting your guinea pig, the American Satin will be the perfect choice of Guinea Pig. They have short coats which makes them very easy to care for — they don’t need much grooming at all but they do as a brush now and again. American Satins arrive and are popular pets.

10. The Merino Guinea Pig

Different Types of Guinea Pig Breeds

The Merino guinea pig looks like a Texel they have coats which is brief in their heads — but they do possess a crest type rosette right on the top of the heads too.

The breed is well known for its temperament which is Merinos have become such a popular choice of guinea pigs to keep as pets.

11. The Coronet Guinea Pig

Different Types of Guinea Pig Breeds

The Coronet guinea pig has a beautiful crest and boasts a lovely long coat. However, they aren’t the breed to look since you need to regularly check their eyes under their long fur to make certain that they’re nice and clean in addition to bright. The Coronet also requires lots of grooming to keep their coats as they need to, looking as gorgeous.

12. The Sheltie or Silkie

Different Types of Guinea Pig Breeds

Silkies or shelties since they are occasionally called, resemble Peruvian guinea pigs. But, their jackets grow very fast an inch every month. They do require a great deal of grooming but also make lovely pets.

Choosing the Right Guinea Pig

When it comes to picking the right breed of guinea pig, then because they are far happier when retained with their own type, you will need to consider adopting or purchasing two cavies.

They don’t enjoy being in their own and can become really lonely if they’re. Provided that you understand you will have enough time to look after guinea pigs that boast lovely coats that are long, there are many breeds to choose from and they do make fantastic pets.

However, if you realize you won’t have the opportunity to take care of your pet’s coat, and remember some cavies need to be dressed every day, then you need to select two shorter haired guinea pigs because they are much easier to take care of grooming-wise, even though an occasional brush would be much appreciated by your pets — it is also a great way to create a bond with your guinea pigs and to check them over to make sure they are struggling with any illnesses!

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