Chinese Hamsters

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Chinese Hamsters (Cricetulus griseus)

Chinese hamsters, also called Striped hamsters or Chinese Striped hamsters, aren’t generally social hamsters, however there’ve been some individuals who’ve been in a position to successfully house them collectively.

However, it’s best to be protected and home them individually. Even though they can be aggressive towards each other, they are good-natured towards individuals and slightly shy, and they rarely bite. They are busy during short periods through the day, but their most active period is during the nighttime.

Chinese Hamsters are often wrongly known as dwarf hamsters. Though at About 4″ full grown they are similar in size to other dwarf hamsters, that is similar to a rat or mouse – long and slender.

There are two colors of Chinese hamsters. The first, and most common, is an agouti coat with a dark brown back, a black line of fur along the spine, and an ivory colored stomach. The other color is called a “prominent place,” and It is a white coat with spots of color. The typical life span of Chinese hamsters is about 1-1/2 to 2 years.

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