3 Different Types of Health

Health is defined as the wellness and balance between the physical, mental and social aspects. It is a complex condition that involve those three spheres of the human life, and can not be consider as the absense of any illness.

Some people understand the health only in relation to the physical body, and always call the doctor when they don’t fell good, forgetting the mental and social factors that can determinate the situation.

The medicine has been focus in only in the physical aspect in the past century.

The hindu and ayurveda’s medicine are well known because it tries to thinks in the human body as a mix of the three spheres, all of them very important in the wellness of the human.

Different Types of Health

There are three different types of health, highly interconnected, the physical health, the mental health and the social health.

1. Physical Health

Different Types of Health

This aspect of the health refers to the proper development of the human body’s systems. This type of health can be particulary affected by three factors:

  • Lifestyle

The kind of diet that the person has, physical activity, behavior, etc.

  • Human Biology

It refers to the genetic characteristics, so they are beyond any human control, we were borned with them.

People have different types of diets. Dieticians or health practitioners advise some diets. Some people follow their preferences.

Regardless, what a person chooses to consume is a huge contributing factor to their overall physical health.

Another factor in a person’s physical health is exercise. Exercise can range from walking your dog to the park to using an electric bike to work every day.

Any form of physical activity can serve as exercise. Some people prefer to take the time to book their schedule using a personal training booking app and go to the gym to do this.

  • Environment

Is the enviroment in where the life is happening.

2. Mental Health

Different Types of Health

It refers to the mind aspect of our life. It is known that, if we are not good with us, we can’t be good with the rest of the people.

Mental health refers to a harmony in the personal life in order to maintain relationships with the rest, to meet the daily demands optimally, etc.

3. Social Health

Different Types of Health

Indicates the personal ability to interact effectively with the environment and adapt to it. It include the relationship with the people around us and the quality and type of link.

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