2 Different Types of Ice Creams

The ice cream is a very popular desert and very famous in the western world. It is made using milk, cream or frozen water, combined with flavoring or sugar.

Also, depending on the ice cream, we can find different ingredients like chocolate, fruits, nuts, almonds, sparks, yogurt, egg yolks, etc.

The ice creams’s flavours are unlimited. We can have fruity ice cream, such us banana, peach, strawberry, raspberry, lime, pineaple and many more. We can also have very sweet ice cream like chocolate, vanilla, butter, etc.

We can find some of those favours with nuts, almonds, cookies and choco chips. In some crazy places we can find the most exotic flavours of ice cream like bacon ice cream, durian ice cream (a tropical fruit with a particular flavour that you can love or hate), oyster ice cream and neapolitan ice cream.

Different Types of Ice Creams

The two types of ice creams that we can find are Industrial ice cream and artisanal ice cream. The difference is the product’s elaboration.

1. Industrial Ice Cream

Different Types of Ice Creams

This type of ice cream is produced in industrial plants using machines. It has stabilizers, artificial flavors and colors to enhance the color and appearance.

It is cheaper that the artisanal ice cream because is easy to produce, it is done very fast and the quality of material may be not the best.

Anyway, it is consumed worldwide and there are different qualities, the best ones are almost like artisanal. One tipical industrial ice cream is the water ice cream.

2. Artisanal Ice Cream

Different Types of Ice Creams

This type of ice cream is produced manually and in small factories. It has only fresh product and they try to avoid any chemical to enhance its appearance or taste.

They have a very creamy texture and an excellent flavour. Its price is higher than the industrial ice cream because their preparation is more complicated.

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