6 Different Types of Jobs

Job is the physical or mental work that a person does in this capitalistic sistem with the propose of earn money. Some people work because of this reason, to earn the money to survive, pay the bills, rent and buy what they need.

Other people think about their jobs as the meaning of their existance and they do it with pleasure. Nowadays, the job is one of the most important activities that regulate the human life.

Types of Jobs

There are many ways to clasify the jobs according to different characteristic. The most well known types of jobs are:

Not qualified jobs

Different Types of Jobs

To do this kind of jobs, no education is needed. Any person can do it but the ones with more experience or the ones more keen to do it has more chances of get a job like that. An example will be a factory job.

Semi qualified jobs

Different Types of Jobs

To do it, the person must have some knowledge about an specific subjet. He/she needs to learn an specific hability to get this type of job. An example will be a carpenter.

Qualified jobs

Different Types of Jobs

To have a qualified job, the person needs to have an study, knowledge or exhaustive preparation that make him/her an specialist in the subject. An example will be a doctor.

Temporary jobs

Different Types of Jobs

This jobs are for a certain period of time, and when the time or the production is over, the job finish. Some temporary jobs are seasonal jobs for example, the fruit picking. Some fruits grows and are ready to be picked in some month of the year, and ones everything is taken, the job is done.

Full time jobs

Different Types of Jobs

Full time jobs are the types of jobs that people does around 40 hours a week, and demands full atention and time.

Part time jobs

Different Types of Jobs

Part time jobs are jobs that involve less hours and give to the person more time to fulfill other activities, such child caring.

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