5 Different Types of Lenses

Nowadays in the market, we can find a wide range of lenses (analogic or digital) produced by the super famous companies like Nikon , Canon, Pentax, Sigma, Fuji among many others.

Since long time ago, photography’s industry has been developed rapidly offering not only quality but also good price and useful products for beginners amateurs or professionals.

You will find at the shop systems with VR vibration reduction or other sophisticated products following the same way to give the best option for the client.

Different Types of Lenses

Lenses are the primary part in equipment, therefore these are the more expensive and preciated tools in photography.

Is possible to divided them in wide-angles, fixed,tele photos,zoom and macro lenses.

1. Wide Angle Lenses

Image Source: dyxum.com

This kind of lenses are used to get more space into the picture. Most of the times people shoot architecture and landscaping.

In some cases, they can be extreme like sigma 8 16 in FX. and get really dramatic perspectives. Famous models are: Sigma 10 20 Nikon 12 24 Tokina 11 16

2. Fixed Lenses

Image Source: bhphotovideo.com

This group of object are well known for their quality generally are used for fashion and portrait photography. Famous models are: Nikon 50mm 1.8 – Canon 50mm 1.8

3. Telephoto Lenses

Image Source: idgcdn.com.au

Usually the range goes between 50mm and 100mm. When you use them is very noticiable the short depth of field because of the aperture which is bigger.

4. Zoom Lenses

Image Source: wikimedia.org

Are one of the best options for shooting sports. They are long and sometimes quiet heavy, but if you are looking for a close photos being far away, you will not regret.

This range goes from 100mm to 300mm /400mm or even 600mm being the last ones much more expensive.

5. Macro Lenses

Image Source: bhphotovideo.com

This kind of products are very suitable to close up. Ranges are varied and offer the possibility to get close or not. We have seen the best flowers’ photographs with these lenses.

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