6 Different Types of Metals

There are wide range of metal and alloys in the industry. The main difference among them is their chemical composition which offer different features for deferments uses.

Commonly heavy industries, like naval and construction opt for them currently because of its strength which in general is the best option for long durability.

Different Types of Metals

These main types of metals are iron, aluminum, copper, gold, silver, and nickel.

1. Iron

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It is almost the prime material on earth. One of its features is it flexible, versatile and is possible to polish it very well for finishes.

Commonly appreciated in construction industry and arts. Iron is mixed with carbon and other materials to get different kinds of stain.

2. Aluminum

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It is created in many kinds of alloys. Its features are lightness which is good for construction, the possibility of bending, a very good corrosion resistance and is recyclable.

Many companies manufacture cans with this material are produced everywhere.

3. Copper

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Its good electrical conductivity allows them to be used for electric equipment. Usually it looks like orange and brown with bright. Also since long time ago this thermic properties were used to manufacture pots and pans.

4. Gold

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The prime material and nearly the most expensive material in current jewelry. Used to make rings all over the world. Its ductility is good for objects production and even was used to make coins.

5. Silver

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Is another common material used for jewelry. In some cases it is used more than gold because is cheaper but herder. It looks like grey color and it electrical conductivity is great.

6. Nickel

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It is very ductile as well as gold. Is not as famous as aluminuin but anyway used in the same quantity because is a very good corrosion resistant. Also commonly produced by companies which are specialized in providing soft metals.

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