5 Different Types of Oceans

Ocean is the earth surface ocupated by the seawater. The oceans are around 4000 millons years old and are divided by big land extentions call continents. There are 5 types of oceans in the planet earth.

Pacific Ocean

Different Types of Oceans

This ocean in about 200.700.000 square kilometers. Is the biggest ocean of the planet earth. It extends approximately 15,000 km from the Bering Sea in the Arctic north to the banks of the Ross Sea in Antarctica.

This ocean has around 25.000 islands, more islands that all the other oceans together, and most of this island are located below of the Ecuator line. The lowest point of the earth surface is located in this ocean.

Atlantic Ocean

Different Types of Oceans

This ocean has about 106.400.000 square kilometes and divide America, Europe and Africa. It extends from the Artic, in the north, to the Antartic, in the south. The Ecuator line divides it in two parts, North Atlantic and South Atlantic.

It is the second ocean in extention, after the Pacific ocean, covering about the 20% of the Earth’s surface. The maximum width of the Atlantic varies from 2,848 km between Brazil and Liberia to 4,830 km between the United States and the north of Africa.

Indian Ocean

Different Types of Oceans

Is about 3.556.000 square kilometers. Is the third ocean of the world, after the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean, and covers around 20% of the Earth’s surface.

It is located between the south of Asia and the Antarctica, from north to south, and located between Africa and Australia, from east to west.

This ocean is around 10.000 km wide between Australia and the south of Africa. The volume of this ocean is estimated at 292 131 000 cubic kilometers.

Antarctic Ocean

Different Types of Oceans

This ocean is about 20.327.000 square kilometers. It extends from the Antartic coast to the latitude 60 below the Ecuator line, and is the limit with the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean. Is the number four in extention and surrounds for completely the Antarctica.

Arctic Ocean

Different Types of Oceans

Is about 14.090.000 square kilometers, is the smaller ocean of the planet. Surround the North Pole and extends from the north of Europe, Asia and Americ

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