2 Types of OCR Tools: Online and Offline

You may ask what OCR is? Optic Character Recognition stands behind the abbreviation.

Simply speaking it is a process of turning text from an image into an editable piece.

There is a bunch of software capable of doing that. But not all of them are similar. They can be online and offline.

Online Software

Online software requires instant internet access. But they are good for not occupying any space in your system.

You just need to upload your file on a specific site, the algorithm reads text from it and gives it back to you as an editable piece.

How does it work? Let’s take one of the tools as an example. 2pdf.com is good at extracting readable information from PDF.

Why PDF? OCR is not only about images, the most scanned documents go with this format.

So you go to the 2pdf.com website and proceed to PDF OCR, drag and drop your file there, select text language and output format you wish to end up with, and hit “Recognize”.

It’s a matter of seconds to get the job done. Simple.

Types of OCR Tools

Online OCR by SmallSeoTools :

The JPG to Word converter on this utility website extracts text from the JPG image files and presents it in the editable Word file instantly.

You can use this free jpg to word converter by SmallSeoTools to convert as many JPG files into word as you desire without facing any restrictions.

Offline Software

Offline software is good when you can not connect to the internet. On a trip for example.

But don’t forget to download and install it beforehand. The most famous among them is ABBYY Finereader.

It is the oldest one and it gives a ton of additional functions apart from OCR.

It makes the service heavy for some systems and it also charges money. But the thousands of users all over the world claim it is worth it.

Remember it’s up to you which type to use. Both of them are good for different purposes.

Some of the big offline OCR tools have online versions as well. It’s not a point of an argument that everything goes online these days.

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