3 Different Types of Pasta

The pasta is a tipical meal that is made using flour, water, salt and oil. It is very popular in the western world and is eaten worldwide. If we have to identify the pasta with a country, we will say Italy. Italian pasta is very famous because of its taste and tradition.

To cook pasta we need to boil it first. The boiling time is very important if we want to have a nice pasta on our dish. It can be accompanied with some bolognesa sauce, four cheese sauce, tomato sauce, etc.

The ingredients of the pasta sauce can vary and have meat, tomato, cheese, oils, vegetables, herbs, cream, etc. It is very common to add some grated cheese to enhance the flavor.

Different Types of Pasta

There are many types of pasta but the most popular are: ravioli, spaghetti and cappelletti

1. Ravioli

Different Types of Pasta

Is one of the most famous types of pasta and have the shape of a square. Its has two layers of dough, made from water, flour and eggs.

Inside, it can have whatever you want to put in. The ravioli can be made of ham and cheese, chicken, ricotta, vegetables, etc. and can be served with any sauces.

2. Spaghetti

Different Types of Pasta

It is one of the most popular pasta. It is a very long, thin, unfilled pasta. It can be served with any kind of sauce, even some people prefer to eat them with butter, oil and salt. It is possible to use it to make soups or salads.

3. Cappelletti

Different Types of Pasta

As the name suggests, this is a very italian pasta. The mass preparation include wheat flour, egg, water and salt. The cappelletti is filled with meat, chicken, vegetables or ham and cheese.

To assemble this paste, you have to stretch the dough, cut into a square, close it to form a triangle and then put it together making like a kind of ring. The cappelletti can also be served with sauce.

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