5 Different Types of Photography

Are categorized by many types, but most of the time people opt for these genres: fashion photography, nature photography, wildlife photography , social photography and travel photography.

1. Fashion Photography

Image Source: fstoppers.com

Is one of the most competitive and challenging areas of the market because it is paid very well. For that reason many good photographers are trying to get involved in this business.

Is possible work with reputable people and celebrities for world famous magazines.

2. Nature Photography

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Is really hard because a good frame does not depends only on the subject, the light situation is crucial. Most of the national geographic photographer s use a wide-angle lenses capture the scene.

3. Wildlife Photography

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Is a patience issue. The key here is timing, everything happens in a second and depends on this right second. This genre also require knowledge on technical subjects.

For example macro is used for insects and some long focus lenses to snap from the distance.

In the last years with the use of computer technology for editing many nature photographers turned into wildlife photography, even some ecologist foundation used their pictures to display the ecology disaster all over the world.

4. Social Photography

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Include wedding photography which is quiet complex due the lower conditions of light pushing professionals to use accessories like soft boxes and remote triggers to light flashes.

In the last decades the needs of creating atmospheres on location like parks, rivers or ever dramatic cliffs. Social photography also displays the world like it looks like.

In some cases shows how poor people live and work,which is very clash compared with the first world citizens’.

5. Travel Photography

Image Source: eurama.hu

Is the best opportunity for travelers from all over the world to make a second last forever. Wildlife, sports, social, lifestyle, every single type of photography is involved here.

Sometimes photographers does not have the right equipment, sometimes they have to climb to get to the top of a mountain, just to have a great view.

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