5 Different Types of Pizza

The pizza is a very popular and worldwide known menu. It is a stretched kind of mass that can have different forms and size but the most famous is the circular pizza.

It is believed that the pizza was created in Italy, in the Napoli area around the seventeen century, but the exact moment of it’s creation is not registred.

Nowadays, the pizza is present in many countries around the world, some of them respect the classic way of doing pizza, some of them has created local variations.

Different Types of Pizza

There are different types of pizza and it’s variations depend on the region, topping, dressing, baking instruction and seasoning. It can be sell as a slice of pizza, half pizza or the whole product.

The most famous types of pizza are: Naepolitan pizza, Mozzarella pizza, Hawaian pizza, meat lovers pizza, and pepperoni pizza.

1. Neapolitan Pizza

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Is a classic type of pizza that has mozzarella, tomato, oregano and garlic as topping. Another version can have basil leaves. Is one of the favourite pizza and is totally vegetarian.

2. Mozzarella Pizza

Image Source: italianfoodforever.com

It is a simply type of pizza that has as it’s main ingredien, mozzarela. It can have also garlic and olives as topping.

The quality of the mozzarella is very important because it makes the difference between a good slice of pizza and a bad one.

3. Hawaiian Pizza

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It has as a base, tomato and cheese, and on top, ham and pineaple. It is a very special pizza because the presense of pineaple makes a bittersweet flavour.

It can have different versions. Despite of it’s name, the Hawaiian pizza is not a Hawai’s creation, is canadian.

4. Meat Lovers Pizza

Image Source: veryculinary.com

It is a convination of meat, cheese, vegetables and different dressing.

5. Pepperoni Pizza

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The pepperoni is the most important ingredient and has cheese as base. Normally has garlic as a dressing.

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