5 Different Types of Rain

The rain is a meteorological phenomenon that involves the water. The water in the ocean, lakes and the lands is evaporated with the heat and rises to the sky, creating the clouds. Then, due to a particular temperature in the air, the water that is condensated in the clouds falls as rain water.

Rain is one of the components of the water cycle. It has the mission of depositing huge amounts of fresh water in the surface of the planet Earth. It is extremly important in the reproduction and maintenance of many ecosystems in our planet.

Is possible to produce electricity from the power and the water of the rain. It is very important for the agriculture and the hidratation of the ground. In the past, the native or original tribes used to pray for rain because it is asociated with life.

The rain not only has the power to give life, but also has the power to destroy it. Heavy rains can cause inundations, dangerous for the humans, the cities and the life around.

Types of Rain

The most popular types of rain are: light showers, rain, snow, electrical storm and monsoon.

Light showers

Different Types of Rain

This type of rain is very weak, is very thin and has a very low quantity of water, it is almost pulverized by the power of the wind.


Different Types of Rain

This term is normally used to talk about any type of precipitation, but when the people talk about rain, they refer to a weak or moderate rain.


Different Types of Rain

This type of rain is produced under low temperatures, the water is frozen and the snow appears. It is a classic weather of the cold mountains.

Electrical storm

Different Types of Rain

Is the type of rain, the thunders appears in the sky. It can be dangerous if te thunder hits the land.


Different Types of Rain

This type of rain is produced in hot and humid countries like the ones in southeast Asia, and can be very dangerous.

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