5 Different Types of Religions

Religion is a system of practices and beliefs that a group of people share. It can determinate the world view and the social organizacion of their believers. It involve moral and ethics values. The 84% of the population has a religion.

We can find two types of religions: monotheistic and polytheistic. The monotheistic believe in only one god, while the polytheistic believe in many gods.

Different Types of Religions

The most well known monotheistic religions are Islam, Judaism and Christianity. The most popular polytheistic religion is the Hinduism.

1. Islam

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This religion believe in only one true god, Allah, and Muhammad is the last Allah’s prophet. The holy book is the Coran. The followers are known as muslims.

2. Christianity

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It is the religion of Jesus Christ, the messenger and son of God. He died for man’s redemption and forgiveness from the original sin.

He rose from the death at the third day. The most important texts of this religion are the Old and New Testaments.

3. Buddhism

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The Buddhism is a very popular religion that doesn’t believe in a god or gods and folows the teaching of a person, Buddha. There are other folks religions attached to a region and practiced by the local people.

Also, we can find atheist people, who deny the presence of a god, and agnostic, who thinks that there is a god or something beyond the human being, but is not important for life and human understanding.

4. Judaism

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It is a very old religion that believe in a very powerful and omnipotent god that created the world and the human beings.

It is the tradicion and culture started by Abraham. It contains the ten commandments. The most importan book in the Torah.

5. Hinduism

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This religion comes from India and is the oldest religion in the world. It has no founder as the other ones. This is a set of religions, beliefs, customs and rituals. The hindu people worship multiple gods.

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