5 Different Types of Salads

A salad is a mix of differents ingredients and can be a meal or a side dish. In the western world a salads is considered a light meal and often used in diets to loose weigth.

But a salad can also be a very powerful meal full of vitamins and proteins and can have an innummerable kinds of ingredients, flavours and taste.

Different Types of Salads

There are many differents types of salads all over the world, and depend on the region, the convination of ingredients and dressings.

The most well known types of salads are: bean salad, green salad, fruit salad, vegetable salad and pasta salad. All those kind of salads include different variations.

1. Bean Salad

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The bean is the most important ingredient (lentils, chickpeas, green peas) and can be combined with vegetables. One popular one is the Piyaz salad, in turkey.

2. Green Salad

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It has green vegetables like lettuce and cabbage, and can be combined with many vegetables such us tomato, onion and carrot, and also with chicken. Some popular green salads are: Garden salad and Ceasar salad.

3. Fruit Salad

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Is salad composed by many fruit, and the convination depend on the seasonal fruit and the region. Some sugar, cream or ice cream can be added to make the salad more tasty.

4. Vegetable Salad

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Is a mix of vegetables and can also contain meat or chicken. The kind of dressing will depend on the region. Some variations of the vegetable salad that we can find are: celery victor salad (american), chilenian salad (from Chile), cobb salad, gado-gado (indonesian salad), israeli salad, pao cai (chinise salad) and the seven layer salad (from the united states)

5. Pasta Salad

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Is the convination of any kind of pasta like fetuchini, spaguetti, macaroni with different kind of vegetables and meat. One examples of this kind of pasta is the worldwide known macaroni pasta.

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