5 Different Types of Social Classes

When a society is divided according the economic situation of the people that live there, the different groups that we can find are the different social classes.

This name was born in the modern states that have emerged with the Industrial Revolution.

Different Types of Social Classes

We can find three important types of social classes: high class, middle class and lower class. In between of those social classes we have the middle high class and the middle lower class.

1. High class

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This is the highest levels of the social pyramid. It is used to distinguish the group of people with more power and influence in the society.

It is composed of the owners of the most important companies, traditional families with a billonarie heritage passed on from generation to generation like kings or queens, and powerful people such as artists, politician, businessman, etc.

2. Middle High Class

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This social class have a higher income in compare with the rest of the society, they tend to have a higher level of education.

This social class include high-income professionals, executives and owners of small and medium companies.

3. Middle Class

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It is composed of individuals that are educated, professionals and executives. They can own a nice house and a good car but they can’t enjoy the privileges of the class above.

4. Middle Lower Class

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It is composed of sectors workers that have reached some sort of vocational training. We can include in this group those who own at least a home, and who can meet the basic needs.

In recent times, and thanks to the economic crises, this class is growing significantly.

5. Lower Class

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This class is considered the “poor class” and they can barely cover their basic needs, like housing, health, food and education.

It is composed of individuals with low education levels. Usually, they don’t have a steady job, and have to rent their house.

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  1. Im 5.

    This kind situation

    Two mean poor cause choice.

    8 billionaire
    8 millionaire
    7 craftmen / small business man
    6 working class
    5 church
    4 alcholics, etc
    3 crime
    2 poor

    So crime rob poor …

    Little bit new situation …


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