3 Different Types of Storms

A storm is a particular state in the Earth’s sky that have effect on the surface of this planet. This phenomenon is characterized by heavy rain, sometimes snow, instability in the atmospehre, wind, thunder and lightning. It is a particular weather that involves an specific place and can be dangerous, depending on the time and the durability of the storm.

A storm can be moved from a place to another with the help of the wind. The appearance of a storm in the sky is normally asociated with negative impacts on the land. After a heavy storm we can find wildfires and floods, and if the storm was over a city or town, the storm may cause the destruction of houses, affecting human’s life. In some cases, a storm can kill people.

In case of a storm like a snow fall, it can be very welcome in the mountains where the ski fields are located. People will run to the snow to practice extreme sports like ski and snowboard, sports that, whitout snow, wouldn’t be possible.

The different types of storms that we can find are: electrical storm, snow storm and sand storm.

1. Electrical storm

Different Types of Storms

This type of storm is characterized by the presence of some wind and thunders. The lightning bolts in the sky is always present. The thunders that flow from it have high voltage electricity.

2. Snow storm

Different Types of Storms

In this type of storm, the weather from the clouds is transformed in snow due to the low temperature in the atmosphere. It can be very welcome during the ski season, but very unpleasent in cities or towns, where the street is full of snow and disrupts the normal movement of the place.

3. Sand storm

Different Types of Storms

This type of storm consist in a large mass of particles moving over the ground at high speeds, sometimes over 40 km per hour. This storm normally occur in areas that haven’t registered rainfall in long periods.

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