2 Different Types of Submarines

A submarine is a not very well known water transport that has the extraordinary hability to navigate on the surface and under water, not only close to the surface but also very deep.

Most of the submarine are used in the military field but we can also find scientific submarine, research submarine, and even turistic submarine, etc.

We can find experimental submarines around the 16th century, but the boom of the submarines started during the 19th century with the world war one and the world war two.

Different Types of Submarines

There are two types of submarine, civilian submarines and military submarines.

1. Civilian Submarines

 Different Types of Submarines

This type of submarines are used with tourist purposes, ocean’s exploration, oil and gas inspections, etc. We can also find submarines that are used in illegal activities, specially narco trafic, due to the quality of this type of transport.

The tourist submarine have a small size and the design is made in a different way, the main objective is the passengers’s enjoynment of the aquatic environment.

They consist of many windows to enjoy the view. Is a very slow submarine. Also, there are scientific submarine used with the purposes of study the ocean’s life and undersea archaeology.

2. Military Submarine

 Different Types of Submarines

There are more military submarines than civilian submarines in operation nowadays. The submarines are extremly useful in the military field due to its hability to be undetected over the water.

It is very important for the submarine’s builders that the design reduces the noice that it makes under water, sound travels under water more easily than in the air, so the sound of a submarine is its weakness. After a lot of improvements, it takes very specialized technology to find a new submarine.

The Types of Militay Submarines are:

  • Attack submarines
  • Nuclear submarines
  • Aircraft carrier protecton submarines
  • Ballistic submarines
  • Special forces submarines, among others.

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