3 Different Types of Surfing

Surf is one of the most well known water sport on earth. Surfers rides on waves on the ocean heading towards to the coast. However nowadays is not difficult to find some artificial pools prepare for riding.

Also surfing culture supported by worldwide brands like Billabong , Rip curl, Body Globe, Hurley and Vans provide the atmosphere and equipment to become a surfer in countries where conditions are great like Australia, United States, Hawaii or other paradisiac island like Tahiti and Samoa.

Different Types of Surfing

There are three main types of surfing: bodyboarding, paddle surfing, and free surfing.

1. Bodyboarding

Image Source: surfertoday.com

Consist in riding waves in prone or ever sometimes stood. Basically the classical trick are spinners, rollos , ARS and backflip among the most radicals ones.

This sport was growing very fast after the 80’ being at the moment, as popular as surf among amateurs and some beginners.

Professionals riders are Ryan Hardy, Mike Stewart with 11 world championships, Pierre Lui Costes and Joe Clack.

2. Paddle Surfing

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Normally practiced not only on oceans, because is possible do it by self riding pushing and paddling stood, instead of staying waiting for the waves. Sometimes riders goes to rivers or lagoons.

This variation of surfing was invented in Hawaii many years ago. Commonly surfers ride on a bigger surfboard, which is big enough to keep floating while you are not riding just being stood.

3. Free Surfing

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Is the nicest part of this sport. Regularly professionals practice free riding after o before competitions for testing their qualities and as a relaxed way of training.

The Best-known free surfers are the mitic Kelly Slater x 11 world champion, Tom Carol X3 World champion, Sunny Garcia and Tim Curren.

Some epic films has been filmed during holidays where the locations considered are isolated places like Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Philippines o hidden beaches around Hawaii.

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