5 Different Types of Tourism

The tourism is a social and economical action that involves all the activities that a person does when travelling out of its place of residence.

It includes the place to sleep, where to eat, where to drink, what to see, where to go, how to get there, how to go around, what and where to buy. A tourist is the person who enjoy the activities that a place proposes for him.

Different Types of Tourism

There are books and online guides which show tourist information depending on the budget atypes,nd interest of the consumers.

Some popular guides are the Lonely Planet, Wiki Travel, Rough Guides, Trip Advisor, among others.

There are many website very useful, and also there are special agencies that helps people to plan their travel, book flights, accomodations and activities, in exchange of money.

There are different types of tourism that depend on the season, budget, place, interest and personality. Some examples are:

1. Sun and Sand

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It takes place in coastal areas, where beaches are located and the weather conditions are enjoyable, with mostly sunny days and clear skies. Example: Thailand, Marbella, the Caribbean islands, among others.

2. Adventure

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Include extreme sports like hiking in natural environments, kayaking, climbing, snorkeling, rafting, paragliding, among others. For example: hiking the Himalaya mountains.

3. Historic Tourism

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Consist in exploring some places where historical events happened, like wars, independence of a nation, natural disasters, important discoveries, among others. Example: the war in Vietnam, the Berlin’s wall, and so on.

4. Religious

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Is a tourism activity that consist in visiting holy places or holy cities, participate in religious festivities and visit temples.

For example: a christian will visit Jerusalem or Israel, the pilgrimage to Mecca by a muslim, among others.

5. Cultural

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The tourist dedicates his time to exploit the cultural aspects of a place. We can find gastronomy tourism, ethnography tourism, archaeological tourism, wine tourism, monumental tourism, etc.

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