6 Different Types of Transport

A transport or transportation is the movemment of things, people, animals or materials from one place to another, using any kind of vehicule such us car, plane, motorbike, ship, people, etc.

The movement can be done by land, water or sky. The human being has designed different kind of networks to allow the transportation such us railways, roads, highways, street, bridge (travelling by land), airways (travelling by air), and waterway and canals (travelling by water).

Also, they have designed terminals for those networks like bus station, train station, parking lot, ports, airports, etc.

Different Types of Transport

There are many different types of transport but the most populars are: human-powered, animal-powered, by road, by railway, by water and by air.

1. Human-powered

Different Types of Transport

The human-power is transportation of people, things and goods using human muscle, carrying stuff with the hands and the body. It can be done walking or swiming. It is the most primitive way of tranport.

2. Animal-powered

Different Types of Transport

Is the transportation of people, things and goods using the power of the animals. The most popular animals are horses, donkeys and oxes. Most of the time the human rides the animal and carry the stuff with him or use a pulling cart.

3. By Road

Different Types of Transport

Is the most well known type of transport and is done by driving a vehicule with wheels. The transport can be done using a car, motorbike, bicycle, truck and bus.

This kind of transport represents a evolution in the way that people move things but also involves a damage in the enviroment, due to the high level of pollution generated.

4. By Railway

Different Types of Transport

Is the transport done by using the railways network. The most popular vehicule is the train.

5. By Water

Different Types of Transport

Is the transport done by ships, boat, cruise and kayak using the ocean, river, lake and sea.

6. By Air

Different Types of Transport

Is the transport in the sky, done by plane and aeroplane.

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