4 Different Types of Vegetarians

The vegetarianism is a type of diet that, in a simply way, forbids the meat consumption. There are many reasons to become a vegetarian. One of the reason is to protect the animals according to a philosophy of life.

Other reason is to look more skinny, because it is thought that a vegetarian diet is good to loose weight. Some people become vegetarian because they want a healthier life.

Different Types of Vegetarians

There are many types of vegetarians, depending on the restrictions and philosophy. The most popular are: vegans, strict vegetarian, ovo lacto vegetarians and raw vegatarians.

1. Vegans

Different Types of Vegetarians

More than a type of diet is a philosophy of life. The main idea is stop seeing the animals as human’s resources and start seeing them as living being with rights.

The vegan people protect the animals and treat them as they will treat humans, avoiding any kind of harm. They don’t eat meat like cow, chicken or fish, and they don’t consume milk, cheese and egg.

Also, they don’t buy or use any thing that has been done using or killing animals, like leather. They also avoid any sport or activity where animals are involved in a comecial way.

2. Strict Vegetarians

Different Types of Vegetarians

They don’t eat any kind meat, eggs or milk and their diet is focused on vegetables. They don’t have the same philosophy than vegan people.

3. Ovo Lacto Vegetarians

Different Types of Vegetarians

They don’t consume any kind of meat (cow, chicken or fish) but they can eat egg, milk, cheese and cream. Some of them think that killing animals is a bad thing, others think that eat animals is bad for the health.

4. Raw Vegetarians

Different Types of Vegetarians

It is a very extreme position. They only consume cold and fresh vegetables, they never cook them. They think that, heating the plate above 46.7 ° C, some enzymes and proteins are denatured and loose their properties.

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