6 Different Types of Watches

Watches were used since long time ago. In this days, technology allowed smartphones to have the same function of providing information about timing. However, the idea of using a watch as accessory is still working.

Different Types of Watches

There are different types of watches like: automatic watches, chronograph watches, fashion watches, luxury watches, sport watches and Swiss watches.

1. Automatic Watches

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They work by arm motion. It is a quiet old system, but anyway there are quite a few still available in the market. This system was developed in the early 30′ by Rolex but now, eighty years after the perfection of this system is great. Among this watches we can identify beautiful designs coming from United States.

2. Chronograph Watches

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This kind of watches have a differential function which is useful when time is crucial. For example a race or an appointment. Were developed in France to know exactly the horses’ timing during races.

3. Fashion Watches

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Here is everything about seasons. One year are very expensive and the following one quiet affordable. There are for men and woman and are manufactured by recognizable worldwide brands.

4. Luxury Watches

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A luxury watch could be an investment a appreciated gift or even considered a jewelry. However contemporary designers and materials keep the high standards of luxury watch for a affordable price. 

5. Sport Watches

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Are mainly used by people who is interested in their own timing during outdoor activities when time is very important. However the number of people who are lately using sport watches as alternative of fashion watches is growing around the sport culture.

6. Swiss Watches

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Are produced by some of the best companies in the world, in a very competitive atmosphere. This watches are very sophisticated and their internal system is merely perfect. Offering different shapes, colors and finishes this watches are the desire of watch lovers.

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