5 Different Types of Weather

The weather is a specific state of the atmosphere in an particular place and time. This state of the atmosphere include variables like the wind, humidity or moisture, cloudiness, ranifall, termperature and barometric pressure. It is the day to day meteorological conditions in a particular place during an specific moment, with possibilities of change.

There are special tools to predict the weather, but the weather is hard to predict because it is always changing. As we said, the weather depends on many variables and the change in one of it can change the whole weather conditions.

The weather forecast is not very accurate science, but with the technology development, is becoming more and more precise. The weather prediction is very important for some activities such us fishing, climbing and other extreme sports, outdoor events, among others.

People is very interested in knowing the weather forcast in order to plan their daily activities, to choose the clothes they should wear and the means of transport they will use.

Types of Weather

The most popular types of weather that we can find are: sunny weather, partly sunny weather, cloudy weather, rainy weather and stormy weather.

Sunny weather

Different Types of Weather

It is characterized by the presence of the shiny sun in the sky, with no clouds around. Is a very welcome weather in holiday’s time.

Partly sunny weather

Different Types of Weather

It has the presence of the sun with some clouds in the atmosphere.

Cloudy weather

Different Types of Weather

The sun is blocked by a big group of clouds, and the sunlight is very low.

Rainy weather

Different Types of Weather

The rain prevails in the air, but it is difficult to determinate the exact moment when is going to rain, and if it is going to happend or the clouds are going to move to somewhere else.

Stormy weather

Different Types of Weather

Heavy rains and strong winds are the stars of this type of weather.

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