6 Ways Windows Phones Were Better Than Androids

Android phones take up over 80% of the market share of smartphones all over the world. And most people would argue that they are the best ones.

However, there are some things that Windows phones did so much better than Androids. If you don’t agree with this statement, no one can blame you. Windows phones are some of the most underrated phones in the market.

From the built quality to the great apps, Windows phones had some great features. They even had excellent integration with social media apps through People Hub.

So, all you needed was to Call service providers or whoever was your service provider to get an internet package and mobile plans like such as Spectrum mobile plans to get all social notifications. 

It was also a great option for people who worked a lot with Windows products. So, here are some things that Windows phones did better:

#1: Better Built Quality

 Windows phones had some of the best built-quality of all the phones in the market. They were sturdy phones but didn’t compromise on their design aesthetics.

The phones had strong guerrilla glass and aluminum bodies that made them powerful yet sleek. Moreover, they had a partnership with Nokia, which is known for indestructible phones.

The screen sizes were also big for their time, ranging from 4-6 inches. So, Nokia and Windows had numerous choices for budget-friendly and high-end phones.

Even though the OS isn’t that popular today, it doesn’t mean that the company hasn’t launched some great phones.

#2: Great Apps

The Windows OS wasn’t an open-source platform so they could control which apps could populate their devices. So, similar to Apple’s App Store, there were a filtered number of apps you could download.

And only the best apps could make the cut. Even though there weren’t a lot, they still covered all the bases. So, all Windows phones focused on quality instead of quantity of apps.

They had superior apps with much better quality and performance. Moreover, the designs were also clean and minimalistic and even looked better than their Android counterparts.

#3: Email and Social Media Integration

All Windows phones had a social media integration through People Hub. This platform took care of all your social media apps and grouped them here.

You could get notifications from Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn all in one place. It was seamless and made it easy to catch up with important updates.

People might have appreciated it more now with the growing number of social media apps everyone is using.

You wouldn’t have to open each app individually as the People Hub would be a one-stop-all.

Another great feature better than Androids was Facebook tagging. You could even tag your phone contacts on Facebook photos. Moreover, you could shift from Facebook chats to normal texts in a jiffy.

#4: Microsoft Apps

One of the best reasons to own a Windows phone is because of the seamless integration with Microsoft apps and products. So, it was a great phone for business people who constantly used these products.

The apps were seamlessly built into the system. And you could shift your work on your phone seamlessly. You could use OneDrive, Outlook, Skype, OneNote, etc. It even came with free Office. 

So, you could view and edit docs and spreadsheets and save them to OneDrive – all on your phone. This is something no Android phone could provide and that sets Windows phones apart. 

#5: Consistent Performance

Android phones come in all shapes and sizes. So, there can be a lot of quality and performance issues across models. The lower-tier Android phones from some companies don’t have the same performance.

Moreover, they get slower as they get older because of low-speed RAMs. This is not the case with Windows phones, though. They had consistent performances across all of their models.

You could get a lower-tier or high-end model and there won’t be any noticeable lags in your phone. The strict overall consistency of the phone models is what makes them better across Androids.

#6: Live Apps on Lock Screen

Android phones offer a certain level of customizability for lock screens. You could change your background picture and decide how the phone shows notifications.

However, the customization is on the next level with Windows phones. One of the best things was live apps on the lock screen.

For example, Facebook live showed a slideshow of pictures from your albums. Moreover, the Bing widget showed the Big Picture of the Day.

You could also select a slideshow of your own for your lock screen. Moreover, the screen could also display details of songs and artists you were listening to.

So, these were some of the coolest transitions and widgets that Androids didn’t have until much later.

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