What is the Best Way to Use Beard Oil?

If you are only beginning your journey towards proper beard maintenance now then you might be wondering about the best ways to use beard oil.

The many benefits of using beard oil usually include growth in the hair, moisturizing of the hair and skin, and leaving your beard looking fuller and shinier.

But when should you use beard oil if you want to maximize the positive effects and what are the practices you need to keep in mind for proper use of beard oil?

This guide will break down in simple steps how beard oil should be used to maximize the positive effects.

Step 1. Always cleanse your skin first

It might seem obvious to some, but in general, you always want to use beard oil after you have either showered or washed your face and beard.

You don’t want to put oil on a dirty bear as the oil could lead to dirt clinging to the hair.

Apart from that, the pores of the hair will need to be open to best absorb the oil, and usually, the best time for that is after they have been opened up by the water and steam.

Step 2. Use beard oil

You never want to use an excessive amount of beard oil as it might leave your beard looking greasy.

Typically, this is one of those things where a little can go a long way. Put up to five drops of beard oil in the palms of your hands and then run your hands through your entire beard.

You always want to use a downward motion to help the hair position itself better. If you want you can rub your hand a bit to heat the oil before applying it to your beard.

If you have just come out of the shower, make sure you have used a towel to get the excess water out of your hair.

A lot of water will just lead to the oil dropping off your hair. You want your beard to be damp while applying the oil for better results.

Step 3. Work the beard oil into your beard

Either using your hands or a thick comb start brushing the oil through your beard.

You will want it to go to every part of your beard instead of it being concentrated on the surface where you first applied it.

The even distribution of the beard oil is also what will help it reach your skin, and moisturize it.

Using beard oil, like the Bossman Beard Oil, is truly as simple as following these three simple steps.

Depending on your beard you may want to apply beard oil every single day or every other day. That will be something you can determine once you get more familiar with how your hair is reacting to the oil.

The amount of beard oil you use could also vary if you have a larger or thicker beard, so always make sure to test things out and find what is best for your beard. 

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