What to Pack for a Road Trip with Kids

A long journey in the car with the kids doesn’t have to be full of incessant questions like ‘are we there yet?’ and toilet stops.

Here are some ideas to make a long journey or road trip more enjoyable when you have younger kids in the car too.

Snacks, Snacks and More Snacks!

When travelling with kids, the last thing you want to hear half an hour into a journey is ‘I’m hungry.’ So, pack enough snacks in the car to get you through to at least lunch time.

If you have easy to grab snacks on hand for when little ones get peckish such as packets of crisps, mini breadsticks, brioche rolls and other foods that are less of a choke hazard, then you will have to make less stops on your journey.

Plan Your Journey Well

If you are travelling with toddlers, then they can really only be in their car seats for two hours at a time. So, make sure you plan your journey accordingly and allow for these pit stops to stretch little legs.

You can find some service stations that have play parks, so look them up before you set off on your road trip.


An easy way to keep the kids entertained on a long journey is with Kids Tablets. Make sure they are loaded up with fun games for them to play, or their favourite series or movies to watch.

Be sure to pack chargers that can be used in the car. A set of headphones for the little ones plugged in will ensure you get some peace and quiet on the journey.

You can even get tablet holders that fix to the back of the front car seats which may make it easier for little hands.

Comfort Is Key

Travelling with kids is a big responsibility and there are so many things that can go wrong. It can get so stressful that sometimes you forget to have fun which is what is so important about travelling.

If you want to make sure they stay comfortable and warm on a road trip, make sure to pack your unique customized blankets. Comfy blankets are a great way to keep them cozy on the road and help them stay relaxed.

Make sure you have cushions and blankets on hand to ensure the kids are comfy. If they want to take a nap or just chill out for a bit, you don’t want to have to pull over to get blankets out of the boot of the car.

So, make sure you have a bag of comfy blankets in the car with you to hand out when needed. Favourite teddies are always good to take with you too to provide comfort to kids on long journeys!

Fun and Games

For younger kids you could always take some water paint colouring books, which only use a water pen to colour in, so it is nice and mess free for the back of the car.

Equally, sticker books are another easy option for the car. Older kids might enjoy some classic car games that the whole family can join in and play.

Games such as ‘I spy’, the car registration game and even a road trip scavenger hunt, where you have to keep an eye out for certain things along the way, are a great way to pass time in the car.

Don’t assume that a long journey has to be daunting with kids in the car. There are ways to keep them entertained and make the time pass so that you can all enjoy the journey.

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