Why it is better to write an essay in Google Docs

Essay writing is a typical assignment for students of various degrees. Teachers distinguish a number of reasons for asking students to write an essay.

First and foremost, essay writing is a demanding activity; students have to apply their knowledge to find solutions to complex problems.

Second, a paper is a structured piece that allows learners to think strategically and organize their thoughts. Teachers underscore that this helps prepare students for more challenging undertakings upon graduation.

And third, essay writing is widely assigned because it enables educators to grade students objectively and based on their explanations.

Instructors confirm that it is sometimes tough to score students according to their oral answers and that written works help teachers approach every student individually.

With all that said, what do students think about essay writing? Unfortunately, it’s impossible to answer this question unambiguously.

The main problem lies behind students’ approach to essay writing. Some prefer to write in a notebook, while others opt for Microsoft Word.

As a result, both categories face tremendous problems, putting in massive efforts that don’t pay off in the long run. So, what might be the solution?

Google Docs is an excellent tool to supersede the mentioned writing strategies. The article focuses on why it’s best to switch to Google Docs when writing essays. Read on to learn more.

What is Google Docs in the first place?

First off, what is Google Docs, exactly? Google Docs is an online word processor. It goes along with the set of tools included in Google Drive.

A few people use Google Drive as the primary word-processing tool because it’s still not known enough, though it was released 16 years ago.

Those who use Google Docs can agree that the tool is fast, secure, and straightforward. You don’t need to have prior knowledge to use the word processor successfully.

Google Docs works extremely fine and offers numerous features. Compared to Word or LibreOffice, Google Docs works faster thanks to its simple design and online version.

Perks of using Google Docs for essay writing

Google Docs may be the best option for essay writing for students, and the following advantages will likely persuade you to choose the processor over other tools.

Allows for commenting

Students know how tiresome essay writing can be. Crafting an essay is legwork that requires plenty of editing and proofreading.

Suffice it to say, it’s much more convenient to type a document and comment on it using a unique feature than doing that manually on a paper.

Besides, it’d be reasonable to state that essay writing, although being primarily an individual task–is sometimes a collective assignment.

Students in groups are sometimes assigned extensive papers, and the best way to secure smooth cooperation is to work on Google Docs.

The tool’s commenting feature lets students propose changes, evaluate, and edit written material.

Allows for sharing docs

The possibility to share the document is probably one of the most unique and practical features of Google Docs.

Expert writers from https://writemyessayonline.com/ declare that sharing the record is an essential option, especially for students writing theses and dissertations.

They can quickly share the progress with their supervisors without coming over to professors’ offices.

The great thing about the Google Docs’ option to share documents (you can share a Google Sheet, Google Presentation, etc.) is that you have total control over the feature.

That is, it’s you who decides whether the link is available for commenting or editing. You may let the recipients read the doc, comment on it, or change it.

Also, you can turn any feature off anytime; more so, you can hide the document for others in the blink of an eye.

Has practical extensions

Google Docs offers a bulk of extensions that can come in handy for any student writing an essay. Out of a dozen extensions, two add-ons require a detailed description.

Every writer knows that Grammarly is the leading spell-checking tool these days. Grammarly works with English texts and helps writers polish them to a shimmering brilliance.

Although user-friendly, it may sometimes be burdensome to copy your text and drag it into Grammarly, especially when having multiple tabs opened (students can relate to that).

In tight cooperation with Google Docs, Grammarly has come up with a version embedded in Google Docs so that you no longer have to switch between windows to fix errors and improve your essay.

EasyBib is another tool worth considering. Nearly every essay needs authoritative sources to back up the writer’s arguments.

While locating updated and credible articles is manageable, citing them is an entirely different challenge. With EasyBib, though, you can craft a citation painlessly.

Enables adding items

Many teachers keep up with everyday tasks and often ask students to make their papers interactive. Adding pictures is now a common way to increase interactivity.

Thanks to Google Docs, adding an image or animation is a matter of seconds, or to be more precise, two steps: copy and paste.

Allows for working via various gadgets

Tight deadlines often force students to work in the most extreme circumstances. For instance, using a smartphone to write an essay isn’t odd.

Not only that, it’s highly doable now with Google Docs! Since the processor is available via numerous devices (the only requirement is to log in to your Google account), you can start, continue, or end your paper through the smartphone or tablet.

Lets you work from the most distant places

The lack of Internet connection is a rare occurrence, but it still has a place. Knowing that you have an essay to compose, what to do when having no Internet connection?

Undoubtedly, use Google Docs! If we were to boil down the main advantage of Google Docs over other tools, we would emphasize its offline feature.

Google Docs enables you to write without being connected to the world wide web. All you need is to go to File and click Make available offline.

Prevents from losing progress

Unlike Word, where you need to press Save every time before closing the document, Google Docs saves every action automatically. This way, you will always be able to continue the paper from the place you left it.

Ready to compose your first essay on Google Docs?

Google Docs is a top-notch word processor that currently doesn’t have better alternatives.

The tool includes a dozen features and is the best for essay writing, individual and collective. Start using Google Docs, and your writing session will accelerate.

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