Flowers That Mean Goodbye – Top 18 Blooms for Farewell

Let’s talk flowers. Not the ones you grab in a hurry for a date or because you forgot your anniversary (again). We’re discussing the floral world of goodbyes.

Whether it’s a heartfelt farewell, a bittersweet parting, or the end of a chapter, certain blooms have got your back.

Here’s a roundup of flowers that pack a punch in the goodbye department, each with its unique message and meaning.

1. Sunflowers

Flowers symbolizing farewell

Sunflowers, with their sunny disposition, aren’t just for summer vibes and Instagram shots. They’re the floral equivalent of a pep talk, symbolizing new beginnings and good luck.

Perfect for when you want to say goodbye without all the doom and gloom.

Symbol of Positivity and Hope

Sunflowers are known for their colorful blooms that depict positivity and hope. They are considered a perfect goodbye flower because they express best wishes for the future.

Their bright and cheerful appearance can lift the mood and fill the recipient with positivity and new hopes.

Symbol of Good Fortune and Everlasting Joy

In China, sunflowers are viewed as a symbol of good fortune and everlasting joy. They are often given to wish someone good luck or to express best wishes, making them an appropriate choice for farewells.

Associated with Retirement

Sunflowers are widely known to exude positivity, happiness, luck, and hope. These vibrant blooms are commonly seen in bouquets for retirement parties, symbolizing the start of a new chapter filled with joy and optimism.

Warmth, Beauty, and Longevity

The sunflower is known for being a happy flower, symbolizing warmth, beauty, and longevity.

Gifting sunflowers can bring happiness and joy to someone’s life, making them a suitable flower for saying goodbye to friends and colleagues.

2. Yellow Roses

Goodbye flowers

Roses are the classic go-to for almost any occasion, but yellow roses, in particular, are your ticket for farewells.

They signify new beginnings and remembrance, making them ideal for those goodbyes that also mark a fresh start.

Symbol of Friendship and Joy

Yellow roses are most commonly associated with joy, friendship, and happiness. Their bright color often evokes positive emotions and is typically used to convey good wishes and congratulations.

Farewell Sentiments

Although not their primary meaning, yellow roses can sometimes signify farewell. They are occasionally used to bid goodbye or to express a sense of remembrance and fondness, especially in the context of a final parting.

Historical Use in Funerals

Yellow rose buds can be associated with a painful goodbye or farewell. They are sometimes included in funeral arrangements to symbolize the strong ties and perpetual love shared with the deceased.

Good Luck and Well-Being

In addition to their association with farewell, yellow roses are also known to symbolize good luck and well-being. They can be considered as a symbol of auspiciousness and positive transitions.

3. Lilies

Farewell lillies

Lilies might scream “funeral” to some, but they’re more than just that. They express sympathy and devotion, fitting for farewells where you want to convey deep emotions and a sense of peace.

Symbol of Devotion and Sympathy

Lilies are often associated with devotion and sympathy, making them a popular choice for farewells and goodbyes in various cultures and religions.

Their elegant appearance and deep symbolic meaning make them suitable for expressing heartfelt emotions during parting moments.

Purity and Innocence

In Christianity, white lilies are symbolic of resurrection, purity, and innocence. They are frequently used in funeral arrangements to represent the purity and innocence of a departed soul, making them a poignant choice for saying goodbye.

Rebirth and Fresh Start

The beauty of lilies also offers a symbolic meaning of a fresh start or rebirth. They are often gifted to wish joy and prosperity to the person you are parting with, emphasizing the hope for new beginnings even as you say farewell.

Cultural Significance

In some cultures, such as in Victorian-era floriography, lilies have been used to convey complex emotions, including final goodbyes.

For example, red spider lilies symbolize death, rebirth, and a final farewell, highlighting their strong association with the end of a journey and the hope for renewal.

4. Orchids

Orchids are the divas of the flower world. They represent refinement, transformation, and everlasting memories. If you’re saying goodbye to someone special, an orchid adds that touch of class and elegance.

Symbol of Friendship

Orchids often symbolize pure friendship and are considered fitting flowers for saying farewell to a beautiful friendship. Their charm and refinement make them suitable for such occasions.

Long-Lasting Blooms

Orchids have beautiful, long-lasting blooms, which help communicate a goodbye message without uttering a word. They are a perfect gift when parting ways with a friend or during retirement.

Peaceful Transition

Orchids can help recipients overcome life transitions with a peaceful approach, making them ideal for farewells. Their presence provides comfort during times of change.

5. Chrysanthemums

Flowers for saying goodbye

Chrysanthemums, often dubbed ‘mums,’ are about love, commitment, and good health. They’re a solid choice for a parting gift, especially when you want to wish someone well.

Symbol of Grief and Condolence

Chrysanthemums are known to symbolize grief and condolences. They are used to express sorrow and are often included in arrangements for those who were special in one’s life, making them a meaningful choice for saying goodbye.

Funeral Flowers

In the Asian context, white chrysanthemums are commonly used in funeral floral arrangements to bid farewell. They symbolize a life well-lived and are a respectful way to celebrate the memory of the deceased.

6. Peonies

Peonies are lush, gorgeous, and symbolize good luck, prosperity, and respect. They’re not just for weddings and fancy gardens—they’re great for farewells that mean something.

Elegant Farewell Gesture

Peonies are considered elegant flowers that symbolize respect and prosperity when saying goodbye. They are often given as a farewell gift to colleagues or friends, signifying good wishes and a dignified departure.

Symbol of Prosperity in Farewell

Sending peonies as a farewell gesture can add a deeper layer of meaning, emphasizing the prosperous journey ahead for the departing individual.

7. Hydrangeas

Parting flowers

Hydrangeas are all about thankfulness and elegance. They often find their way into funeral arrangements, but they’re also perfect for expressing gratitude and elegance during a farewell.

Symbolism of Gratitude and Elegance

Hydrangeas are known to symbolize thankfulness, elegance, and beauty. Their pretty colors and lush appearance make them thoughtful gifts to express a graceful and heartfelt farewell.

They are often used in farewell bouquets for their meaningful symbolism.

Positive Goodbye Message

Hydrangeas are considered a top flower option to symbolize a positive goodbye message. Their beauty and elegance showcase thankfulness and appreciation, making them ideal for ending a relationship on good terms or expressing a peaceful farewell.

8. Solidago

Symbolic flowers for goodbye

Solidago, or goldenrod, is that friend who sticks by you during tough times. Thoughtful and supportive, it’s a go-to for bereaved families, adding a touch of warmth to the coldness of goodbyes.

Symbol of Support and Comfort

Solidago flowers are often gifted to individuals going through difficult times, making them a suitable choice for funerals as a gesture of support and comfort.

They are used to show remorse and provide solace to grieving individuals.

Encouragement and Positivity

While Solidago is associated with farewells, it also symbolizes encouragement, positivity, and good luck.

This dual symbolism makes it a versatile flower, suitable for both saying goodbye and wishing someone well on their new ventures.

Resilience and Strength

Historically, Solidago has been associated with good fortune, growth, and encouragement. Its ability to thrive in diverse and often harsh habitats symbolizes resilience and strength, qualities that can be encouraging during times of farewell.

9. Gladioli

Farewell flower meanings

Gladioli are the gladiators of the flower world. They signify strength, remembrance, and patience, offering a powerful message of support and memory during farewells.

Historical Context

The name “Gladiolus” is derived from the Latin word “gladius,” meaning sword. This is reflective of the flower’s shape and was historically associated with gladiators.

In the context of goodbyes, it represents the strength and courage required to face parting ways.

10. Hyacinths

Goodbye bouquet

Hyacinths, with their fragrant blooms, symbolize rebirth and new beginnings. They’re your floral cheerleaders, ideal for conveying hope for the future during a goodbye.

Historical Symbolism

In Greek mythology, the hyacinth flower is associated with the tragic story of Hyacinthus, a young man who was loved by the god Apollo.

After Hyacinthus’ accidental death, Apollo created the flower from his blood as a symbol of deep sorrow and regret.

This association has carried through time, giving the hyacinth its connotation of saying goodbye and expressing sorrow.

Cultural Significance

Hyacinths, particularly the purple variety, are often used to represent feelings of regret and sorrow in various cultural contexts.

They are frequently included in arrangements meant for farewells or memorials, offering a way to communicate deep emotions when words may fail.

11. Forget-Me-Nots

Sentimental goodbye flowers

Forget-me-nots do exactly what they say on the tin—they’re about everlasting love and remembrance. When you want to ensure your memory sticks around, these little blue blooms are your best bet.

Symbolism of Remembrance and Farewell

Forget-me-nots are traditionally known to symbolize remembrance, making them an ideal flower to signify farewells.

They are often given as a promise that the giver will always remember the recipient, even when they part ways. This symbolism ties into their name, which implies a request to be remembered.

Everlasting Love and Bonds

Beyond remembrance, forget-me-nots also symbolize sincere and everlasting love, highlighting the enduring nature of the bonds formed between individuals.

This makes them a fitting flower for farewells, as they represent a bond that continues to endure despite physical separation, encapsulating both the sadness of parting and the hope of lasting connection.

12. Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria is all about friendship, loyalty, and devotion. Ideal for saying goodbye to a cherished friend, these flowers are like a hug in bloom form.

Long-Lasting Friendship

Alstroemeria, also known as the Peruvian lily, symbolizes a long-lasting friendship. Each of its six petals represents a different valuable quality: understanding, humor, patience, compassion, decisiveness, and respect.

This makes it a meaningful choice for farewells, especially when saying goodbye to a close friend.

Association with Fortune and Prosperity

Alstroemeria is often associated with wealth, prosperity, and fortune. While it is not traditionally a symbol of goodbye, its association with positive traits makes it a versatile flower for various occasions, including farewells, as it can convey good wishes and confidence in someone’s future endeavors.

13. Cymbidium

Flowers expressing goodbye

Cymbidium orchids represent nobility, dignity, and respect. Often used in formal farewells, they’re perfect for ending a professional relationship with class.

Formal Farewell

Cymbidiums can symbolize a formal goodbye, marking the end of professional or academic relationships. They are used to express gratitude and respect in these contexts, indicating a respectful and meaningful farewell.

Valued Friendship

In China, Cymbidium is considered a symbol of valued and respected friendship. This makes it a perfect flower to say goodbye to a beloved friend, highlighting its role in expressing deep appreciation and connection in farewells.

14. Lisianthus

Flowers for farewells

Lisianthus is for the romantics. Representing love, romance, and affection, they’re used to express deep emotions to someone special who’s parting. They’re the floral equivalent of a love letter.

Appreciation and Gratitude

Lisianthus flowers are often associated with appreciation and gratitude, which makes them suitable for saying goodbye. When used in farewells, they convey a heartfelt thank you and an expression of appreciation for the person being parted from.

This symbolism is rooted in their elegant and rose-like appearance, making them a beautiful choice for expressing deep emotions during goodbyes.

Charm and Everlasting Bonds

Besides representing farewell, Lisianthus also symbolizes charm and an everlasting bond. This dual meaning makes them particularly poignant in farewell arrangements, as they not only signify the end of a chapter but also the enduring connection and the charm of the person being bid farewell.

15. Freesia

Goodbye flower arrangements

Freesia flowers symbolize innocence, sweetness, trust, and thoughtfulness. Ideal for expressing delicate and sincere goodbyes, they’re like a gentle whisper of farewell.

Innocence and Sweetness

The Freesia flower is known for its fragrant and delightful blooms, symbolizing goodbye, innocence, sweetness, and trust.

It is often used to convey the innocence and sweetness of a child, a pet, or a loved one, making it a poignant choice for farewells.

Representation of Trust and Faithfulness

Freesia can also represent the trust and faithfulness of a relationship, a friendship, or a bond. This makes it an appropriate flower for saying goodbye, as it emphasizes the enduring qualities of the relationship being celebrated and remembered.

16. Marigold

Parting gift flowers

Marigolds bring warmth, happiness, and loyalty to the table. Used in festive occasions and cultural rituals like the Day of the Dead, they add a vibrant touch to farewells.

Symbolism in Farewell

Marigolds are often used to say goodbye due to their bright and cheerful nature. They are considered ideal for farewell arrangements, showcasing optimism and joy.

This makes them a cheerful way to part ways in various celebrations and festivals, such as retirements or remembering the deceased.

Cultural Significance

Marigolds made their way to India as part of the Columbian Exchange in the 15th and 16th centuries.

In Indian culture, they are used to honor the dead and are believed to attract the souls of those who have passed, symbolizing the connection between the living and the dead.

17. Dahlia

Sentimental farewell blooms

Dahlias represent dignity, elegance, and creativity. Suitable for diverse occasions, they reflect personal style and appreciation in farewells.

Farewell Message

While not as commonly mentioned as other flowers, the Dahlia can carry the message of “forever yours,” which can be interpreted as a poignant farewell to a loved one, especially in the context of a deceased partner.

18. Willow

Emotional goodbye flowers

Willow branches symbolize peace, harmony, and tranquility. Used in arrangements to promote calmness during transitions or partings, they’re the serene choice for farewells.

Symbolism in Chinese Culture

In Chinese culture, the willow tree is associated with parting from friends. The intertwined branches symbolize friendship, and giving a willow branch to someone is a way of saying goodbye and wishing them well in their journey.

Symbolism of Bereavement and Grief

The willow tree often represents bereavement and grief in various cultural contexts. Its drooping branches and the weeping willow variety particularly symbolize mourning and sadness, making it a common symbol in funerals and farewells.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it—a floral guide to saying goodbye with style and substance. Whether it’s a heartfelt farewell, a dramatic parting, or a simple goodbye, these flowers have you covered.

Each bloom carries its own unique message, making your goodbye as memorable as the person you’re parting with. Choose wisely and let the flowers do the talking. Before you go, check out our list of 32 red animals you absolutely have to see.